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OnePlus 9 Pro Review: Solid Beyond the Hasselblad Hype

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OnePlus used to be a smartphone maker that offered the best hardware specification on a budget. Nine generations have passed since they aimed to be a flagship killer, today, they’re looking to make smartphones for the masses. The OnePlus 9 [...]

OnePlus 8T – When OnePlus goes mainstream & misses

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OnePlus has done an amazing job of creating a niche product that catered to the enthusiast scene. I am a OnePlus user, but I’m also a technology journalist and an early adopter of tech. Top hardware with a competitive price was where [...]

The Galaxy Note doesn’t stand for what it used to. Long live the Fold.

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When the Note launched in 2011, it was an innovative handset that was a shock to the everyone, the Dell was massive at 5inches and no one knew if large phones were going to be a thing. Fast forward to 2020 and larger phones are standard and [...]

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