Xiaomi Redmi AirDots Review: Amazing 20EUR Wireless Headphones

by Nicole on January 17, 2020
Xiaomi RedDots
  • Splashproof
  • Amazing price
  • Nice design that fits well
  • Voice calls are terrible and not possible
  • gesture controls are not usable

the Xiaomi Redmi AirDots are very cheap, they even take design cues from a number of other products on the market but despite all of that, they are pretty darn good for the (low) price.

Xiaomi just seems to be really good at making solid cheap tech. The Redmi AirDots are good headphones that are cheap enough you don’t worry about losing them and you want to dip your toe into wireless audio.

If you’re an audiofile these aren’t for you, the mids are a little high, the bass is present, but you’ll consider it a hollow and you might say the overall sound in tinny. If you’re not an audiofile like the majority of the population and you’ll be impressed at the sound for this price. I’ve hard many at this price have no bass at all and fail to seal the ear so the sound has no shot at being remotely full.

The Redmi AirDots have 7.2mm drivers and can really generate a decent level of sound considering the compact form factor. The bass is pleasant enough to give the audio a nice push at the gym. If you push the volume up, which is what I like to do at the gym you’ll notice the sound isn’t completely full. Having said that, these are 17.50EUR, they’re outperforming several headsets that I’ve reviewed at the 35EUR price range (which is where they started when they came out a few months ago). I decided to do a review, because the price is amazing for this audio quality.

Voice calls are impossible with these headphones, even though technically it’s possible.

The controls on the Xiaomi Redmi AirDots are just so basic and they are downright terrible. You won’t have fun using them at all. Clicking the side of your ear pushes each Air Dot around and causes discomfort. Just avoid them unless you want to pause quickly.

Battery life if not too bad, I get over three hours of playback on a single charge and the case gives you almost 3 full charges. So on one charge, you’re looking at over 10 hours. A big negative is that the case charges with Micro USB and not Type C. The 300mAh battery that it holds doesn’t take long to charge though at around 20 minutes to full with a fast charger.

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Design / 7
Sound / 7
Performance / 7
Battery Life / 7
Price / 9
Editor's Choice / 9
Hardware / 7
Xiaomi RedDots

The Redmi Airdots offer great performance and aesthetics at a fantastic price point. Sound quality is good but the overall soundstage is a little thin but I’m willing to forgive that considering that entry price. The connectivity was mainly pain-free, and the three-plus hours of use per-charge means they can accompany you on your daily commute and gym session.

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