Xiaomi Jimmy JV53 Plus Review – Stylish, Powerful & Solid Value

The Jimmy JV53 is a 2-in-1 cordless vacuum that can be used as a stick or handheld vacuum. It comes with a soft roller head (great for hardwood and other hard surface floors) and three handheld cleaning attachments. For a solid clean on hardwood floors this stylish and easy to manuver vacuum is a great deal. But it’s not for everyone, find out if the Jimmy JV51 from Xiaomi is right for your home.

by Nicole on September 3, 2019
Xiaomi Jimmy JV53
  • Soft roller head is perfect for cleaning hardwood, tile, vinyl, and other indoor hard surfaces
  • Comes with a nice selection of handheld attachments
  • Washable dust bin and floor cleaning head
  • Same power as the Dyson V8 for less
  • Easy to clean and empty
  • The removable battery is a plus if you have a very large (or dirty) home
  • Good battery life at 45min
  • Poor cleaning performance for carpeted floors, especially high pile carpets

The Xiaomi Jimmy JV53 Plus has a popular 2-in-1 design that allows this vacuum to run as a cordless stick vacuum or as a handheld.

The Xiaomi Jimmy JV53 Plus has a dual cyclonic filtration so it has 99% efficiency with dust air filtration 20kPa of strong suction power and 1m3/min of volume airflow. The 100,000rpm digital motor reaches 425W and can be as high as 125AW. What does this mean? The only thing that I haven’t been able to suck off my floor is a piece of tape. I don’t have to go over spots on my hardware floor more than once.

It has a soft roller which is really great for cleaning hardwood or tile floors since it can gently sweep debris into the cleaning path without flinging it all over the floor. If you have long hair you’re going to really appreciate the anti hair wrapping feature, there is a nest of hair in my vacuum every time I do the floor and never a strand wrapped around the brush. Anyone who has to deal with long hair on the floor and had to rip it off a roller will love this feature. On a side note, you do have to deal with the hair, it gets coiled on the inside of the dust bin, but you can just peel it off the center column, this is simple and painless.

The It’s not great on carpet, you’ll need a very low tight weave for the Jimmy to perform well. If you have longer deeper piles to clean, you’ll want to look elsewhere.

If you’re lusting after the Dyson V8 but can’t afford it, we feel you, the Xiaomi Jimmy JV53 Plus has the same soft roller and has a trigger switch. The difference is once you squeeze it, it’ll stay on. This is an advantage, vacuuming is already a lot of work, why would we want to hold a trigger down too? We find it much easier on the hands and wrist.

The soft roller head was exceptional and the cleaning performance cleaned nearly 100% of all debris types during our test. It’s hard to ask for much better performance on hard floors. When we get to carpets don’t expect a deep clean, on low carpet the Jimmy starts to struggle. Large debris was fine, but small things like sugar took a lot more effort to clean up. If the Jimmy came with a traditional brush roller it would be able to handle this no problem, with so many attachments, we’re surprised this wasn’t included as well.

If you have a small deep pile rug there is a mattress attachment “electric anti-mite mattress head” you’ll be able to do an area by hand. The area is smaller so the suction feels much stronger. We took the attachment to our mattress, and 1min of vacuuming didn’t reveal much, though I’m not sure how many dust mites and dander would be visible after a short amount of time. I like the attachment, but I’m not sure of its mattress cleaning powers.

I hadn’t cleaned my floor in 3 days, The dirt that came off my floor was a lot. It’s a 30 square meter room. If I compare it to the pile that I would get sweeping by hand, and this seems like a lot more!

*Also, sorry for the gross photo of dirt!!

There is a high efficiency HEPA litera that is meant to trap 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns.


With a 65degress egonimic handling angle and weighing 1.46kg the Jimmy is easy to steer and whip around corners.

When your spinning around your apartment frantically trying to make it presentable right before guests arrive, you’ll notice that the turning radius is quite good. Quickly going around table legs is fast, easy and accurate. The Jimmy can also nearly lay flat to the ground, so you’ll be able to get under all your furniture.

Battery life

I like the removable 2500mAh battery that you can recharge even if it’s detached from the vacuum. If you have a house or large apartment that requires more than 45min of vacuuming or 30min on high suction, you’ll want to pick up the extra battery. To give a bit of context, you’ll be able to clean 350 square meters on a single charge.

If you use it in the strong mode, the only time I thought to use it was during a spill or if I tried to vacuum a thick carpet or my sofa. You’re only going to get 8min if you put the electric brush on, it’s 7min. Vacuuming normally with the electric brush you’ll only see 35 min of run time. 


The price tag of the Xiaomi Jimmy JV53 Plus is really one of it’s more attractive features. You get a stylish stick vacuum with good battery life and good enough performance. At 224.99EUR from GeekMaxi with a 10EUR discount if you use the code: qxPUFxVL. And they provide a 2 years warranty. If you’re based in Germany, they ship from a local warehouse, and the tax is included. There is also a local EU repair center.

Design / 8
Sound / 9
Performance / 7.5
Battery Life / 8
Price / 9
Hardware / 8
Xiaomi Jimmy JV53

The Jimmy JV53 is a great vacuum, it's a welcome addition to my home but it suits my cleaning needs perfectly. You should buy the Xiaomi Jimmy if you:

Want a cheaper vacuum that is as versatile as a Dyson V8: This variant has as many tools as the Dyson V8 along with the removable wand-making this usable on floors and upholstery.

Live in a home with hard floors: The soft roller cleaning head works best on surfaces like hardwood, tile or linoleum.

Need a versatile stick vacuum: The Xiaomi Jimmy has an assortment of tools capable of cleaning different areas not just in your home but also your vehicle.

If you have carpets should you skip the Jimmy JV53? As long as you don't have pets that shed alot I would say go for it. It won't give you a deep clean, but honestly, what vacuum stick really can?

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