VioMi V2 Pro Review: A very intelligent robot vacuum with mopping

by Nicole on December 21, 2019
VioMi V2 Pro
  • Has one the strongest suction power in the industry 2,150Pa of suction while most have 2,000Pa.
  • Can mop and sweep at the same time
  • Has one of the bigger water containers in a mopping robot
  • Remembers your floor plan thanks to the LIDAR and SLAM systems
  • Resumes cleaning after recharging in case it didn't finish the job
  • The level of water leaking can be controlled in the app
  • The HEPA filter is washable and lasts longer than non-washable ones. The robot is safe for asthma and allergy sufferers
  • Has a great climbing ability
  • Can clean a particular area when zoned cleaning has been set in the app
  • Does not cross restricted zones if you create one in the app
  • 2 kinds of mop cloths in the box: one is for larger areas, absorbs a bigger amount of water is only suitable for mopping; the second one is for mopping-while-sweeping needs
  • 10 sensors prevent the robot from bumping, falling down and help to navigate around
  • Has a short body that fits under most furniture even though the robot has a tower on top
  • Great price considering the given features
  • Can be password protected, a nice added security feature
  • When mopping it goes forward 1ft then backward in a scrubbing motion
  • Opens from the top to change the container from sweeping to mopping
  • Can climb 20mm which is better than the other robots we’ve tested
  • Roller brush is very good at picking up dirt
  • Can mop and sweep at the same time (but you just wet the cloth, so it’s one wet cloth for your whole floor, it’s does a way better job if you do a sweeping then set it to mop)
  • Makes multiple passes on your floor & you can set it to repeat floor cleaning twice
  • 120min battery life or 100-150 sq/m of cleaning area (90min if you run it on powerful mode)
  • Takes time to figure out how to best navigate your floor plan, at the start it gets lost and can spend way too much time in one area
  • Brush catches hair and wraps making it hard to remove
  • You do need to use it with the app so the device can learn, when I connected it and updated the firmware, things ran much better.
  • You should spray down dirty areas before your robot mops, otherwise it will only pass over them twice, which isn’t enough to clean sticky dirt stains.
  • The App only stores one floor plan, so multi floor hours are out of luck

The Viomi V2 Pro is one of the most intelligent robot vacuum mops I’ve tested, it has one of the strongest suctions on the market, a HEPA filter, and a Y pattern that goes back and forth scrubbing the floor while it mops.

The MiHome app by Xiomi offers fixed cleaning (where you select an area for it focus on), virtual walls (which I like for a corner with a ton of cables, fixed cleaning (spot cleaning a single area) and an area editor which lets you merge or divide rooms or spaces. It’s missing edge cleaning, but you can find that in the much less sleek VioMi app.


Despite having a large tower on top, it’s got a pretty low profile (95.5mm), and the LDS laser it houses scans the cleaning area and helps to create the digital map. The Voimi V2 Pro needs a few different cleanings (and you should make sure the firmware is up to date) to not get stuck spending way to much time in difficult sections of your floor plan (ie chairs and tables). Eventually the robot learns and you don’t have to “rescue” your vacuum from difficult spots.

The best Mopping function I’ve ever seen


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The Viomi has a large 600ml countainter and it follows a Y-shape path which is more efficient than just dragging the mop cloth around (like most of the robot vacuum do). This means it goes over the same spots at least twice and if you spray down dirty areas and give it a few minutes to soften the dirty, it’s almost enough to really clean your floor.

The vacuum also includes two types of mopping cloths, one for light mopping and the other one for heavy mopping. Also, there are three mopping modes in the app, you can adjust the level of water leaking depending on your needs and size of your house. When the unit is not moving, the water does not leak.

The VioiMi V2 Pro is 334.99EUR from Geekmaxi and we can also offer you a Coupon Code for 25EUR off V2PRODE. This is a great price for a device that does a fantastic job cleaning your floors.

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Design / 8
Camera / 9
Sound / 8
Performance / 9
Software / 7.5
Price / 9
Editor's Choice / 9
Hardware / 8
VioMi V2 Pro

The Viomi V2 Pro is a very advanced robot vacuum that can also mop your floor! The LDS sensor checks the space every 10 seconds and once it’s learns your lay out you’ll notice it doesn’t bump into your furniture, it comes close and moves around it. The zigzag pattern insures a clean floor and the Y pattern during mopping does an excellent job in removing stains if you pre-soak them. The MiApp works well to schedule cleanings, you’ll want to do sweep one day and maybe mop the next if you set it to clean while you’re away.

The most amazing part about the VioMi V2 Pro is the price for just over 300EUR you get a robot that is very good at vacuuming and mopping.

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