Tronsmart Studio 2 Speaker Set up Review – Affordable Surround Sound?

by Nicole on November 3, 2021

Design-wise the TronSmart Studio looks and feels very premium, they are heavy and substantial in hand. They are not speakers that you would throw in your backpack to bring around town. The design would catch dirt and sand, they’re meant for around the home use, TronSmart has rugged on-the-go speakers. This is not the intent of the Studio.

This is supported by the fact that they only have an IPX4-rating for water resistance. This means it can withstand light splashing and rain. It’s not the highest level of water resistance which means that if you bring it to the pool and drop it in, it won’t survive. These aren’t speakers to bring around town, they’re at-home speakers.

Audio Quality

On paper, the TronSmart Studio should have stand-out audio quality.

The speaker draws 30 watts, which is split between three internal components. 20 watts are drawn by the subwoofer, which is located in the center of the housing. The other 10 watts are split between a pair of tweeters positioned on either side. There are four passive bass radiators built into the housing. These are membranes that vibrate in resonance with the subwoofer. They’re designed to further amplify the bass, and they’re fairly effective. This leads to an audio profile that’s very heavy on the bass. Most Bluetooth speakers don’t have this high-quality set up add this to the fact that you can link up to 100 of them together, this could be an idea Surround Sound set up on a budget.

Decent Sound & Real Surround Sound Fail

If you don’t download the app it really sounds like there are just two EQ presets on the speaker, thin and weak audio or full with all the bass the speaker can give you. In the app you have 7 presets (Sound Pulse, Deep Bass, 3D, HiFi, Classical, Vocal & Rock) which do have noticable differences, it’s the best that you’re going to get because the speaker doesn’t come with the ability to set custom EQ. Which is really a shame, the speaker would really benefit from making this available in the app. The I went between the 3D setting and sound pulse, as far as I could hear pressing the button on the speaker it self goes between Sound Pulse and Deep Bass, you need the app to cycle through the other settings. If this isn’t the case, I could not hear the difference the way I could using the app, so download the app.

You have to download the app to find the 3D sound setting, I thought that the speaker had very average sound until I hit the 3D EQ setting. The sound is noticeably improved to decent sound, I did not see my self using the speaker after the review period, but 3D sound will keep in my house as a product I actually use.

Two Speaker Set up

You’re probably familiar with the idea of connecting speakers from JBL’s Party Boost feature where you can connect multiple speakers to the same source to, well, boost the party. The TronSmart Studio comes with the same feature where you can link up to 100 speakers. Since these speakers aren’t meant to be taken around town, they’re meant for you to have a versatile set up around your house. Personally, speakers in each room of the house.

TronSmart sent us 2 to see how they acted as connected, surround sound speakers. The 2nd or additional speakers simply repeats the original stereo signal. There’s no splitting a stereo signal between two speakers for a L/R effect. So in this respect it is a surround sound fail, the sound simply surround you, it is not actual surround sound which dynamically immerses you with sound effects.

If you’ve set up a projector at the bottom of your bed, but don’t want to install a surround sound speaker set up in your bedroom. Strategically placing two speakers around your bed gives you a immersive sound feeling that’s better than your projector speaker or a single Bluetooth speaker.

When sitting in my living room I found that the best places to put the speakers don’t have a shelf. Once you get past the idea that you want to create the perfectly even surround sound set up having the music emminate from all around you adds to the perceived quality of the sound.

The heavy hand on bass is something that I personally like for watching movies or series.

Multi Room use

I hoped that I would be able to have one speaker in my kitchen and one in the living room. I live in a 1 bedroom apartment, so I thought that maybe I could keep them close enough and I’d be able to go from the kitchen to the living room and enjoy great sound in both. The speakers to work properly definitely need a direct line of sight to keep in sync and stay connected. This isn’t how TronSmart intended the Studio to be used, so it’s forgiven that it doesn’t work this way.

Battery & Connectivity

The battery life on this speaker has been a problem, not because it’s won’t last through a listening session or a weekend of binge-watching. But because it makes a sound like a disconnected phone when it hits 30% battery. This makes it impossible to listen to while not plugged in. Also, this speaker seems to not disconnect after hours of inactivity, so in the middle of the night when the speaker hits 30% battery it will let you know it’s running low. I’ve reviewed several TronSmart speakers and I’ve never encountered this problem before, and trust me it is a problem. 230am Nicole does not appreciate having to get out of bed to turn off a speaker that’s suddenly hit 30% battery.

In terms of battery life, you can expect to get about 10 hours of playtime before your speaker hits 30% and you have to plug it in.

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