Tribit X-Bass Review: A Budget Speaker hitting above its price point

It’s not everyday that you get a budget speaker that hits well above its price point. The Tribit X-Bass is $69.99 and has the chops to take on UE and JBL. But no product is perfect, let’s find out what compromises you’ll make.

by Nicole on September 23, 2018
Tribit X-Boom
  • crisp clear sound
  • waterproof IP6X rating
  • amazing price for the quality
  • sound that fills the room
  • huge battery so longer battery life than it's more expensive competitors
  • Bass is good by default, but things get even better when you press the "XBASS" button
  • MicroUSB is an outdated port

The Tribit X-Bass has large obvious buttons that means you can easily, covered ports making it waterproof and sound that astoundingly crisp with the ability to get pretty loud, there is a lot to love about the XBASS.

The crisp sound is what we loved most about the X-Boom, it has decent bass and it gets slightly more impressive when you press the XBASS button.

We weren’t in love with the design, the large plus and minus are a little cartoony but since there aren’t any companion apps we’re glad they’ve made the speaker extremely easy to control.

On the back, from top to bottom, there’s a power button, four tiny circles to indicate battery level, a Bluetooth pairing button, an “XBASS” button (guess what that does), and lastly, a giant flap covering the aux and Micro-USB charging ports. We’re bummed about the choice of conneter since this cable is only carried around for accessories so it contantly the one I have the hardest time finding. Complaining about not being able to find my micro USB cable is the most first world problem that I have.

That flap over the ports is necessary for the IPX7 water (but not dust) resistance, which most speakers in this category have.

The top and bottom have an interesting party trick: they visually bump to the bass, just like with actual speakers. As expected, they don’t move much at low volumes, but they really start shaking when you crank it up, especially when the XBASS button is pushed.

You’re able to charge the speaker at 5V/2A, so it happens pretty quickly, Tribit claims that the X-Boom’s 5,200mAh battery will last up to 20 hours. Given that the battery has nearly double the capacity of the BOOM 2’s 2,800mAh pack, which UE claims 15 hours for, I have no trouble believing this. But as always, your battery life will vary depending on volume, idle time, and other factors, so it’s difficult to give a hard number. I can tell you, though, that I haven’t once worried about the X-Boom’s battery life when taking it places.

If you compare the sound to the UE BOOM 2 is louder and does win out in terms of bass. It’s a marginal difference and not a difference of huge note. That being said, the X-Boom still gets plenty loud, and sound quality at those high volumes for any of these speakers isn’t pretty anyway. The 360-degree design and dual 12W drivers allow sound to go in all directions, which is nice for parties but doesn’t impact the experience if you’re the only one enjoying the tunes.


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Design / 7
Sound / 8
Battery Life / 9
Price / 9
Editor's Choice / 8
Hardware / 8
Tribit X-Boom

The Tribit X-Boom is a fantastic-sounding Bluetooth speaker. If you’re looking to a great speaker and you’re on a budget you won’t find a better buy at $69.99. The design is average but it’s very functional considering there aren’t any companion apps (not that the majority of people use the app anyway).

The audio quality on the X-Boom scores high in all aspects with crisp sound, bass that you could say almost thumps and it does get loud enough to power a 6 person house party with ease. Plus, the XBASS button is conveniently located and actually works. And as trivial as it may look, the physical "bumping" of the top and bottom is pretty cool to my eyes. I would throw some stickers on the ends if I were you to really make the feature stand out. If money wasn’t wasn’t apart of the equation the UE BOOM 2 is a great speaker but the audio difference is noticeable in terms of loudness but the difference is bass is minor enough that I would advocate for either speaker. However, if deisgn is your thing there are better-looking speakers around.

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