Tribit FlyBuds C2 Review – Solid, Good Value Headphones

by Nicole on December 1, 2021
Tribit FlyBuds C2
  • Long battery life
  • comfortable design
  • solid sound for the price
  • good value
  • Good headphones for making phone calls
  • the glossy finish gets covered in fingerprints easily
  • the case is poorly designed, it's easy to put the buds in the wrong slot
  • average bass
  • no software to adjust the sound

A good pair of budget headphones aren’t that easy to find. Tribit has become a little hit or miss over the last few years, we take a look at the FlyBuds C2 has all ingredients to make a great value headphone.

Sleek AirPod like headphones are commonplace now, but the quality varies widely. Tribit’s FlyBuds C2 are lightweight with Bluetooth 5.2 and 13mm large drivers that offer solid full sound. FlyBuds C2 wireless Bluetooth earbuds feature the latest Qualcomm QCC3040 chip, aptX high-quality audio decoding, and up to 48KHz frequency to provide detailed audio with punchy bass. The design is sleek and lightweight so you can wear them for hours and not feel any discomfort, I did a full workday listening to music and only had to take them out once or twice to “stretch my ears”


The headphones don’t have plastic tips which you can choose different sizes to create a perfect seal. This means you’re not going to get the best bass, but they do an adequate job when you listen to tracks with big bass or action movies. They’re tuned pretty well for dialog and phone calls, which seems pretty intentional. These are great options for podcasts, tv-series/movies, and taking lots of calls.

How about exercise? I used them during a Peloton spin class and they stayed in even though I got very

The case design looks good from the outside and fits nicely into my pocket, however, the slots to place the earbuds in are terribly designed. After 2 weeks of use, I think I managed to get them in the right way a few times. I was constantly put them into the charging slots backward. Tribit claims that with the case you’ll get 32 hours of battery life and the case and empty earbuds charge in 2 hours to reach a full charge.

If you want to take calls it’s possible, sitting at my desk they were usable, on the street, I was told that I sounded good, clear but you could tell I was walking on a very busy noisy street. I didn’t have to raise my voice more than I felt was reasonable considering how loud the street noise was. The FlyBuds C2 has 4 Qualcomm Microphones that have CVC 8.0 technology to reduce 90% of background noises.

You can control the headphones with a single intelligent touch button. It gives you access to volume controls, answering calls, and an on/off control so there’s no need to use the charging case to power on or off.


80€ is an acceptable price for these, but they’re currently on sale on Amazon for 30% off making them 56€. At this price, they’re a great deal for a well-built pair of headphones that have good sound. Are they as good as say the Sennheiser CX True Wireless I just reviewed? No, because those have an adjustable plastic tip that seals the ear canal making offering full sound in the high, lows, and mids.

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Design / 6.5
Sound / 7
Performance / 8
Battery Life / 9
Software / 1
Price / 9
Editor's Choice / 8
Hardware / 8
Tribit FlyBuds C2

The FlyBuds C2 has great mids and full highs but has average bass. Should this stop you from picking them up? No, the audio fidelity and detail are crisp and clear. They're especially good for phone calls, which is rare for this style of headphone or any headphone at this price point. And on sale, they're amazing value. 

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