Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2: A Day in the Life [Ad]

High end audio around Berlin

by Nicole on March 15, 2020

Active noise canceling an in ear headphone isn’t often done well, so when Sennheiser sent over the Momentum True Wireless 2 for me to spend the day with my curiosity was peaked. I’m taking these wireless headphones through my day in Berlin and we’re going to see how they stand up.

The Momentum True Wireless 2 at first felt like they were on the bigger side, but I switched to the smallest adapter. I also remembered that they’re twist to fit, which means when you put them in you turn them back a bit to get the most comfortable fit. The case has a very premium feel and it comes with 21 hours of battery life, so you should get about 3 charges on top of what’s in the buds themselves.


Don’t judge, this week I’m an early riser, and I’ve got a brand spanking new Peloton bike for my workouts. I took a 45min class with Irene and if you’ve ever taken one of her classes you’ll know you produce abnormal amounts of sweat. The headphones stayed put even though I eventually became a sweaty pile of mush. A mixture of pop and EDM I found her voice was always in the mid range and was packed with character to match her personality. The harder EMD tracks was full of deep droning bass, it didn’t drag any of the looping rhythms which can sometimes happen when headphones try to boost the bass unsuccessfully.

If you’re a runner and curious how these stand up, yesterday I ran 3km and the headphones felt secure with every excruciating step.

10:00-11:00: Around town

I should mention before I leave the house that I downloaded the app and I customized the controls. The standard configuration will suit most people, but when you check out the custom settings you’ll see it’s set up so when I double tap on the right bud twice it turns on transparent hearing. When I’m walking around town, I don’t like to be totally cut off from the world. I think it’s a huge safety advantage to be able to hear what’s going on in the world around you.

Let’s talk noise canceling. In ear headphones have never been known for being able to deliver this with much success. Usually they can’t create a proper seal, so you do need the adapter to fit right. If you’re just turning the active noise canceling on and off and listening for a difference, you won’t find much of one. But when you turn transparent hearing on and off and let the street noise through headphones. When you have the noise canceling on using this feature you’ll notice that voices and noises that you want to be aware of sound clearer.

Taking a closer look at the touch control, both left and right earbuds have touchpads: play/pause, skip forwards/backwards, volume up/down, call answer/reject, summon voice assistant and so on. The touch surface is a decent size, and it’s very difficult to provoke the Momentum True Wireless 2 into misunderstanding your request.

Sennheiser’s useful, Smart Control app comes is worth downloading. The app lets you choose between ‘music on’ or ‘music off’ when you engage ‘transparent hearing’.

1:00-4:00pm Working

Focused work means cutting off the outside world and good audio quality is important to me when I want to use the music to enable my productivity.

Wireless transmission is done by aptX Bluetooth 5.1, which improves battery life and includes aptX Low Latency for smooth audio/video syncing. If you watch a lot of video or play a lot of games, it’s nice to always have the audio match perfectly with the video. The Momentum True Wireless 2s also have 7mm full-range dynamic drivers that were designed and built at Sennheiser HQ here in Germany.

I took a 20 min call indoors and the quality was perfectly fine. There are some onboard mics that work well, I didn’t sound muffled to the person on the other end. They couldn’t tell I was talking on in ears, which typically don’t offer great voice quality.

The Momentum True Wireless 2s are a Sennheiser product through and through, just make sure you’ve got the right fit on the adapter. They offer really have nice three-dimensional listen, with real width, height and depth.

Listening to Sting’s Fields of Gold, the bass wasn’t overwhelming and it was incredibly clear. The guitar sits nicely in the center and his dulcet vocals are incredibly clear and forward. They real show show good control over low frequencies. It’s tough to complain about the listening experience.

We were disappointed that we weren’t able to connect the headphones to both our laptop and our smartphone. It’s nice to have the flexibility of connecting to all my devices at once.

8:30-9:00pm: Commute home & let’s talk battery life!

Since I put the headphones back in the case every time I use them and didn’t listen to them 7 hours straight, I can’t say if one charge is really 7 hours. What I can say is that I listened to music for 2 hours and used 30% battery. Active noise canceling was on, which will use up a bit more battery. The 30min I was walking with Transparent hearing on used 15%.

The case comes with 21 hours, or three charges based on the 7hours we’re predicted to get. If you just use your headphones for a few hours everyday for your commute and the gym, you might be able to get away with just charging these once a week! Since my use is a little heavier I’ll probably charge them up twice a week.

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