Samsung Galaxy Fold is flexible but not affordable

by Nicole on February 20, 2019

It’s finally here! rumors of Samsung’s foldable smartphone have taken over the internet this time of year for at least 5 years. Samsung has announced the Galaxy Fold, their first foldable smartphone with a flexible display.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold sports an Infinity Flex DisplayWhen fully open in tablet mode it 7.3inch display with a resolution of 1536 x 2152 resolution, and when it’s folded, a smaller 4.6-inch display (840 x 1960) appears on the front. It’s powered by a new 7nm processor (the S10 line is running the 8nm Exynos 9820) and has 12GB of RAM. The device is powered by two batteries on each side of the tablet for a total of 4380mah. The hinge is mechanical and hidden the metal bumper can be customized in terms of color and houses a fingerprint sensor. They also have Universal Flash Storage 3.0 (eUFS), so you can read data twice as fast as other smartphones.

In tablet mode they have enabled 3 app multitasking, this is accomplish this with app continuity, they’ve worked together with Google and the app makers to enable app continuity.  They showed Spotify, email and contact list. Google maps was opened in phone mode and when you open it to tablet mode it automatically opens the maps there. They showed YouTube, WhatsApp and did a Google search at the same time. You can change which app is the largest simply by dragging the apps around.

The Fold comes with six cameras three front facing and three rear facing, you’ll have a camera available to you depending on which orientation you’re using it in.

The Samsung Galaxy Ford in the US the Fold will be available for $1980 on April 26th and in Europe May 3rd and cost 2000EU with LTE & 5G options.

Official photos.

The Galaxy Fold may not even be available next week at MWC for hands on, we may have to keep waiting to see exactly what this device looks like in person.

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