QCY T5 Wireless Headphone Review: Look like Airpods but cost 20EUR

by Nicole on January 16, 2020
  • Price, what a bargain
  • Ok Sound
  • Good battery life. 4 Hours plus 3 charges in the case
  • Touch controls
  • game mode to help with audio-video synchronization
  • comfortable to wear
  • Thin sound that's clear but will have an audiophine needing more
  • music doesn't stop when you put them back in the case
  • though comfortable to wear the fit isn't as good a more expensive products

The QCY T5 are black AirPod knock offs that can’t compare but for a sub 20EUR price point on GearBest they’re pretty darn good.

The QCY T5’s are very comfortable and are easy to wear for a few hours at a time and they stay put even if you’re running at the gym. The charging case is lightweight and feels a bit cheap. It recharges via micro-USB (Ugh, where is the Type C) and charges the headphones three times before you need to charge the case. The battery life of the headphones is just under 4 hours at moderate listening volumes (50-60%), this listening time is pretty standard, it’s what Apple offers with the AirPods.

I was a little surprised that at this price point I was getting touch Controls. You control the headphones by tapping and sliding on them. Slide over the entire stems to change the volume but works solidly in the basics. With two touches, you play or pause the music. Tap the right bud for a long second, and you’ll advance to the next track. Tap the left one for a long second to return a song. By tapping the left side three times, you activate the voice assistant on your smartphone.

The Bluetooth 5.0 connection keeps perfectly stable around 10 meters, even when there are walls between you and your smartphone. It remains stable in areas crowded with wireless signals as well, no matter if you’re sitting still, walking, or cycling. Last but not least, the earpieces pair fast – they’re likely already connected when you put them in your ears. Sadly when you put them back in the case they stay connected so you have to stop the track manually on your phone.

One interesting feature is Game Mode, you tap the right bud three times. This reduces the delay in the sound while playing games, and it does a very good job, though we suspect it might eat the battery of the headphones a little faster. Only once did we notice that the audio would be a little delayed when watching videos. So even though we’re not gaming we put it on gaming mode and it helped with audio-video synchronization.

Call quality is good, the microphone makes you sound loud and clear even when on the street, though I would prefer to use the handset because I did have to raise my voice in traffic.

Sound Quality

You can’t compare AirPods to these, they only look the same. The sound is thinner, but what do you expect when you can buy 11 of these for the price of the AirPods. The lower-mids aren’t well represented, for me this means that some darker electronic tones are repressed to the background. It delivers good upper-mids and highs which is good for most genres of music.

QCY T5 Specs

  • Bluetooth 5.0 with AAC codec
  • IPX4 waterproof (sweat and rain resistant)
  • 4+ hours listening on a full charge
  • Charging case can charge headphones fully 3 times
  • Comes with 3 sizes ear tips and micro-USB cable
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Design / 7.5
Sound / 7
Performance / 7
Battery Life / 8
Price / 9
Editor's Choice / 8
Hardware / 7.5

If you're an audiophile, you won't find a satisfactory product for under 100EUR, but if you're just looking for a headphone that offers clear sound at moderate volumes the QCY T5's, for this price it offers solid sound. That this works for voice calls and offers decent easy to use touch controls and you can get three full charges out of the case have me double-checking the sub 20 price point.

The QCY T5's only look like AirPods in black, they don't offer noise cancelling, equalize the air pressure in your ear or offer highend audio that will please pretty much anyone. But, when you can buy 11 T's for the price of one pair of AirPod's you need to adjust your expectations.

These are incredibly good value and offer better sound then you'd expect for this price.

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