Panasonic EHNA98 Review: Who knew a hair dryer could have so much tech!?

by Nicole on February 8, 2021
Panasonic EN-NA98
  • Nanoe and double mineral Ion technology appears to look after hair better than most 2000-2400-watt hair toasters
  • Faster hair drying with less heat - good
  • Hot/cold/alternating mode and intelligent heat control
  • Panasonic build and quality
  • Unique design won't be for everyone
  • Could be heavy for some, I didn't have an issue
  • The air gets a smell after after 30sec, which matters in skin mode because it's blowing on your face

We’ve looked at hair dryer technology on Mobile Geeks before, Dyson spent 71M in R&D on the SuperSonic. At 400EUR it’s not an investment I was likely to make, considering I don’t even own a hair brush. But winter is here and I don’t like going outside with wet hair, when looking for a hair dryer I came across the Panasonic EH-NA98 which is packed with so much tech I couldn’t resist doing a review.

The Panasonic EH-NA98 doesn’t just blow hot air on your hair to dry it, it uses Nanoe and Double Mineral Ion technology.

What is a Nanoe?

Well, it’s nano spelt wrong, reading through the materials, we understand it to mean small electrostatic atomised water particles. The hair dryer applies a high voltage charge to 6000um (6 million nanometres) airborne water particles and smashes them to nanoe 5-20nm particles. A human hair is about 50-180um (fine to coarse – typically 60-70um).

These droplets are smaller than steam which makes it easier for Nanoe penetrate hair through extremely small openings in the cuticle and then tighten the cuticle, preventing the dryness that causes damage to hair.

Skin Mode Explained

I had never heard of a hair dryer being used on skin, I’ve always avoided blowing the hot air from a dryer on my face. The Nanoe technology makes it easier for water to mix with the sebum in our skin, which makes it easier to wash away. Nanoe has a coating effect on the sebum that’s present on the surface of your skin, and this results in a moisturising effect. Put it on the lowest power, and switch to the “Skin” mode, use the dryer for 1 minute on your skin.

After 30seconds the smell of the air changes, it’s not unpleasant, but it’s not pleasant either. This is an issue in skin mode when blowing air on your face.


If you have a problem scalp like, dandruff or have oily hair. You can switch to scalp mode when drying your roots to avoid overheating. In “Scalp” mode the temperature will instantly drop to 50°C, a more suitable temperature for your scalp. Coupled with the nanoe technology, over time your scalp health with improve and become less oily and more healthy.

Then there is Double Mineral, you may have heard that some hairdryers use ions. Panasonic has twice as many using two zinc electrodes that create negative ions. Negative ions break up water particles, making them faster to get rid of, drying hair faster, they also are good for the cuticles in your hair.

Panasonic EN-NA98 has 3 speeds and 4 modes: Hot/Cold Alternating Mode, Intelligent Temperature Control Mode, Scalp Care Mode, Skin Care Mode. It weighs in at 502g, just for the body and 710g with the cord and concentrator.

Best way to dry your hair with the Panasonic EN-NA98

To dry your hair, switch to the strongest power level, and start drying evenly from your roots to the ends. Once your hair is 75% dry, activate the Intelligent Temperature Control Mode, making the hair dryer alternate between hot and cold temperatures. Cold air is useful to prevent “over-drying” of hair follicles and helps to lock in the shine of your hair.

Why is cold air when drying your hair important?

The cold air prevents over-drying and helps seal the moisture in and is proven to bring out the gloss on your strands. Finally, switch to Scalp mode to keep your skin up there moisturized as well. If you’ve been suffering from oily or even dandruff, this should be helpful to regulate the moisture level on your scalp.

Personally, I love using Scalp mode the day after I washed my hair for a healthy refresh with a spray of dry shampoo.


When this hair dryer was launched last year it was nearly 200EUR, now it’s down to 130EUR at Panasonic’s official Amazon shop. At this price it’s a bit more expensive than your average high quality hair dryer and comes with so many more features.

It’s also great for travelers as even though it might look a little bulky, the Panasonic Nanoe EH-NA98 folds easily from the handle.


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Design / 7
Sound / 8
Performance / 9
Price / 8
Editor's Choice / 8
Hardware / 9
Panasonic EN-NA98

The Panasonic Nanoe EH-NA98 is not the cheapest hair dryer out there, but it is packed with a ton of technology!

It's not as expensive as the Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer and it comes with a lot more features, like ineligent mode where it alternates between hot and cold, it measures the ambient temperature and heats the air accordingly and there is skin and scalp mode.

Getting a hairdryer that also prevents damage and keeps your hair healthy can also be a cost-effective route when you think about how much salon treatments for damaged hair are. Ladies with bleached and color-treated hair need this most and would definitely get so much use and benefits out of it.

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