Oppo Find X2 Pro Review: It’s premium, but does it make sense?

Oppo has a golden opportunity right now to claw some market share from Huawei. Has it done enough with the Find X2 Pro?

by Nicole on April 1, 2020
Oppo Find X2 Pro
  • Stunning display
  • VOOC Fast Charging is very fast
  • IP68 water and dust resistant
  • Massive 512GB of storage
  • Top notch performance
  • Very expensive
  • Single SIM slot
  • No wireless charging

Oppo is relatively unknown in the West, even though in 2019 they sold 124M smartphones. The Oppo Find X2 Pro is a premium smartphone that has the spec sheet to go toe to toe with any other smartphone in this category. The question remains, it it worth the hefty 1.299€ pricetag?


There are two Find X2 Pro designs. Vegan leather and ceramic, both look and feel luxurious. The vegan leather version is a head turner, the ceramic version is now fairly standard and of course a fingerprint magnet.

Like its competition, there’s no headphone jack, though there is a USB-C adapter in the box

Clocking in at 207g for the ceramic version, 200g for the vegan leather version, the Pro is heavier than the S20 Plus and iPhone 11 Pro, and thicker. Even though it has the tallest screen, in hand it feels easier to handle than the S20 Ultra, the curve on the back has a streamlined feeling in hand.

The sign in methods for the Find X2 Pro are great. Face unlock works very well, but not when its very dark. The in-screen fingerprint scanner is very fast, quicker than the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra’s.


A display should be bright, sharp, smooth, punchy, deep, and looks great from all angles. The Find X2 Pro has a max peak brightness of between 800 nits and 1,200 nits. It takes on the sunniest days with ease.

The resolution, is WQHD+ with a 6.7” display it has 513 pixels-per-inch (PPI) and the 120Hz display makes it feel oh so smooth. It definitely matches the S20 Ultra! The display panel is actually made by Samsung. The AMOLED panel is loaded up with typical OLED traits: inky, deep blacks, zingy, vibrant colours, and solid viewing angles.

The display is highly customizable too, simple settings like dark mode, eye-care, through to more advanced features like ambient colour temperature sensing which is basically TrueTone on iPhones.

We suggest that you leave the Oppo’s out of the box settings which runs the phone at 120Hz in Google apps and your homescreen. It drops down to 60Hz in third-party apps. This is probably the best way to run your Oppo Find X2 Pro since most apps don’t actually need it. If you’re a gamer, you should add your games to Game Space, they don’t mention display frame rate specifically, but graphics are optimized and resources focused, so we imagine frame rate is included. We think our games look stunning on the Find X2 Pro.

For the rest of the apps I use, I don’t need Instagram to run at 120Hz, the interface is buttery smooth. I There is less of a battery hit when you get stuck in an Instagram black hole for an hour. 120Hz uses a little more power than 60Hz.

Oppo’s proprietary upscaling sauce looks good if you want to throw 120Hz on everything. Oppo’s 01 Ultra Vision Engine helps upscale content from 30fps to 60fps and also turns standard dynamic range video into video that takes advantage of the Find X2 Pro’s 10-bit HDR display. The feature is certified to work across Netflix and YouTube, the two services most will likely be streaming content on, and can be turned on or off in the settings. But you should note that even though the video quality looks excellent, HD Netflix isn’t supported yet, so the max resolution you can stream at is 960 x 540, for now, we expect this to be added soon!

The phone’s also DCI-P3 rated at 100%, showing off colours accurately, and even the glass on top is flagship-grade, with Gorilla Glass 6.

My one complaint about the display is that it’s curved. I haven’t loved curved display’s from the start, I crack screens like some people change underwear which is thanks to the curved trend. If you’re not like me, then the display looks ever so slightly dimmer in the last few curved millimetres of each side. This is because that part of the screen isn’t actually pointed at you.


Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 chipset is combined with 12GB RAM. The 865 is our preferred chip of 2020, along with Huawei’s Kirin 990. This pulls it ahead of the Exynos processors found in the European Samsung Galaxy Smartphones.

The Find X2 Pro didn’t slow down or stutter with us, and nothing gave it a reason to pause in real-world use, whether we were 4K filming or 3D gaming.

The Find X2 comes standard with 512GB of storage which is fantastic! It’s 4X what Samsung offers with the S20 Plus and 8X what Apple will give you with the iPhone 11 Pro.


The Oppo Find X2 Pro has three rear cameras, two of which have 48MP sensors (the main camera and an ultra-wide), the third is a 13MP telephoto which supports 5x optical, 10x hybrid and 60x digital zoom.

Generally speaking, the Oppo Find X2 Pro’s camera is excellent. It snaps pictures quickly; they look sharp, and can handle a variety of lighting condition. This is true of all three cameras, and night mode works on each.

Oppo has included features like the ability to capture raw images which giving you more scope if you want to do some serious editing. There’s also 4K video recording at up to 60fps.

Overall, the cameras is pretty strong, but the setup is arguably a little sub-par for a flagship phone. More cameras don’t necessarily mean better photos, but the photography prowess feels expected an average.

Here are some photos comparing the zoom which shows off all the lenses and what the photos look like at 10X zoom. Decent, but not usable on social media, I’m not sure why this is such an important trend for all smartphone makers right now.

In good lighting conditions the Oppo Find X2 delivers a good photo that, for the most part, are extemely color accurate. The detail is what you would expect from any mid to high end smarpthone camera in good lighting conditions. The missing TOF sensor doesn’t appear to be a problem, as the portrait shots have no issues.

As the lights go down, auto night mode kicks in, and it does an ok job of pulling detail out, even the darkest shadows. We do think this is where the phone fails, even a mid range phone can produce fantastic photos in good lighting, but low light is what separates the mid range from the high end. The low light photos on the Find X2 Pro are nothing special, even, the lens flare from the street lights is something we stopped seeing in highend phones last year, and it’s all over every night time shot with a direct light source.


The front facing camera is very good, the beauty mode is pretty natural unless you have it turned all the way up!


Thankfully Oppo gave Color OS a massive overhaul customizing the look and feel for western users.

It’s no loaded with anywhere near as much bloatware as it once did. There’s no Oppo Store and fragment a fragmented user experience offering up a lot of China specific content and features.

We quite like the Smart Assistant screen to the left of the home screen – it’s similar to OnePlus’s ‘Shelf’, and serves as a home for a few app shortcuts and chunkable bits of info – weather, steps etc. That said, we’d have also liked the option to be able to switch it off, which we couldn’t find.

All Day Battery life in 38min!

The Oppo Find X2 Pro has a 4,260mAh battery, which sounds disappointing but real world testing has us cruising through every work day and night out with ease.

With plenty of photography, gaming, chatting and browsing I never plugged in at night with lower than 25%. Two days isn’t possible, but if you’re not a very heavy user you’ll be able to make it through your morning commute with that 25% if you forget to charge it overnight.

More than once in the last two weeks I didn’t charge overnight. It’s amazing how quickly you’ll forget to charge your phone when the battery life is solid. A massive shift from the last phone I reviewed. The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra had me searching for a charger every time I would sit down to work. Just in case, there is no way that phone makes it through the evening if you don’t top it up during the day.

We wish it came with Wireless charging, but it has 60W fast charging. I’m a OnePlus 7t user as my in between reviews phone, their charger works. Which is no surprise considering they’re made in the same factories and have access to the same components.

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Design / 8.5
Camera / 7
Sound / 8
Performance / 9
Battery Life / 8.5
Software / 8
Price / 6
Editor's Choice / 8
Hardware / 8.5
Oppo Find X2 Pro

The OPPO Find X2 Pro is a contender for top smartphone on the market. It could be the perfect phone for you if you’re looking for something that’s idea for watching videos on your phone. The 120Hz display is stunning, even though it’s large it doesn’t feel unwieldy in hand.

The price tag is very hard to swallow, but Find X2 Pro delivered in every aspect, especially in those that are most important to us. Just by holding the phone, you can tell that OPPO spent a lot of time refining the product. The Find X2 Pro has one of the best spec sheets found on smartphones this year, apart from missing out on wireless charging.

Oppo is an unknown brand outside of Asia and a new player in Germany. It would have been a smarter move to undercut their competitors and created an incentive to try out a new brand. However, we get that would be a hard pill for Oppo to swallow considering that in 2019 they sold 124M smartphone and ranked 5th globally in terms of sales. We might consider them relatively unknown, but their pricing strategy suggests they won’t act like it.

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