LG V30 Hands On – For Those Who Love to Make Video

by Nicole on August 31, 2017

The LG V30 is 6 inches and made of glass which is a pretty big departure from the all metal tank that was the V20. Even though it’s got a glossier exterior the V30 stays true to it’s content creator roots and when we say content creator we don’t just mean vloggers and tech freaks but anyone who wants to make the most out of the photos and video they take with their phone.

The 6 inch display is beautiful, it’s a cinematic 18:9 ratio with a 2K resolution and OLED panel, and like it’s predecessors the second screen is still there, it’s just been adapted to the Full Vision display.

We’re missing the secondary display on the V20, but LG has come up with a software solution they’re claiming replaces the quirky feature. The floating bar let’s you access various features, but we’re not sure it’s the same as the secondary display.

Unlike the G6 the V30 takes on the power user segment with it’s Snapdragon 835 processor, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage with a MicroSD card slot for expansion. The 3300mAh battery sports quick charge and wireless charging and should keep you going through out the day. The chassis is military grade steel so even though it looks more fragile it still has some durability chops. We did loose the removable back, the V20 was the last hold out for this feature, but with battery life getting better, having a beautiful phone seems to win out over having a functional one.

The V30 comes with the same dual camera set up LG has become famous for. The wide angle lens is 13MP and an apeture with f1.9 which means better low light. The standard lens has an apeture of f1.6 and is also 16MP. The V30s cameras have been improved with crystal clear lens technology, meaning that instead of all plastic lenses they’ve add in a glass lens as well. We’ve got a 10bit HDR sensor for better dynamic range, and for video LG’s Cinelog gives you the ability to color grade your footage. Think RAW photos but for video, you can’t use the wide angle for this but we’re ok with that when we see just how good the OIS is in this walking shot. We also have Point Zoom where you can pick a point like the people on the grass who are not at the center of the screen. You can use the controllable zoom speed to take more dramatic shots. LG worked with professional colorists to come up with 15 different Cine Effects. You can pick an effect and you can see it real time on the display, the video is shot and then it is color graded according to the preset.

Does a google job with depth effect even though it does not technically offer bokeh

wide angle



100% Zoom

Selfies are good but not great, in full day light we are pleased with the results, the wide and standard angle lenses give you lots of options.

Wide Angle selfie

Standard Selife

Things start to go downhill in low light. We want to stress at this point that this is a pre production unit and we hope that it will improve on final release. (Please!)

Even if we compare it to the V20, which was not great at selfies it is not even its equal, the V30 preforms much worse.



When it comes to video the V30 is a beast, check out our hands on video above for tons of sample video. CineLog elevates LG’s manual video mode with it’s wide dynamic range, but photography hasn’t been left out, if you’re looking to learn how to use the manual mode on your camera LG’s Graphy gives you a list of reference pictures, you can add references from graphy or select an image and the manual settings are automatically added to your camera.

LG has also fixed the fisheye distortion that plagued the V20, if you look at the left hand side the wall looks quite different.

V30 fish eye distortion

V20 fisheye distortion

The V30 has enhanced audio capabilities, Cideo Reocrding with Hi-Fi Sound means 2 high performances mics that record lossless and if the environment is too loud they will control the recording levels. These 2 digital mics are used in combination with the phone’s receive to improve sound clarity. For music listening we have HiFi audio with Quad DAC and it’s Plus HiFi streaming ready.

We are going to put the LG V30 through the paces over the next few weeks, so keep checking back to see how we are making out with a phone that likely is going to be our new daily driver!