Case Logic LoDo Large Backpack Review

Stylish, Well Built & Perfect for Around Town

by Nicole on January 20, 2017
Case Logic LoDo Large Backpack
  • Well Built with Soft Rugged Canvas
  • Leather Touch Points
  • 25 Year Warranty
  • Magnetic snaps are fuss free
  • Thick padding
  • Street Smart
  • Missing one or two Smaller pockets inside
  • Not waterproof

Case Logic is a brand that will always have a soft spot in my heart, because the best Compact Disc cases were from Case Logic. I might be showing my years a bit, but back in the day, Case Logic meant quality and their products do come with a 25-year Guarantee. So if you go through a new backpack every year, or maybe two, you’ll probably want to check out this review of the Case Logic LoDo Large Backback.

The Case Logic LoDo Large backpack is a top loading backpack with a drawstring closure that’s secured with a stylish flap. The design is modern and timeless with a variety of nice textures.

The bottom of the bag has a thick black canvas which has ¾ of an inch of padding, so if you’re in the habit of throwing your back down, the bottom and the back are well protected. The back panel even more so, since I’d say the foam is about 1.5inches thick. The only protective downside that I can come up with is that the front and sides of the bag are made of a double layer of canvas and smooth polyester. The canvas has a really appealing: it’s soft and like other Case Logic backpacks that I’ve had in the past, you can feel that it won’t wear prematurely.

There are 3 pockets on the outside of the pack, you have the top Cell phone pocket at the top of the bag above the shoulder straps and two pockets in the front. The top pocket is secured with a zipper which has a leather tag to help you unzip. The front pockets are secured by magnetic snap closures which you don’t have to fiddle around with to close.

Inside, we wish that there was more in terms of pockets for accessory organization. There is a large padded pocket for a 15-inch notebook. I never have more than a 13 inch but I like to carry around extra equipment or a few odds and ends and a sweater. Apart from that, we have an additional padded pocket for a tablet there is only a single mesh zippered pocket. For internal organization, I’m the kind of person that needs a few smaller spaces to store some smaller items, business cards, cables, ibuprofen. In order to keep my bag feeling organized, I’ve had to put some smaller pouches into the larger zip area.

Let’s talk about the most important feature of the backpack, the straps. You have a nice more textured wrap around the upper portion. The straps are ¾ of an inch thick and it feels like it’s made of memory foam, but it’s not, it’s very close..and very comfortable.

For $60 on Amazon this backpack is a great deal. It’s hard to stand out in the backpack marketplace but the 25-year warranty is a big help. You might not need it, but if your bag does tear you’ll be able to reach out to Case Logic for a replacement. In a time where planned obsolescence is a reality, it’s nice to find a brand that’s willing to stand behind their product.

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Design / 8.5
Price / 8
Editor's Choice / 9
Hardware / 7.5
Komfort / 8
Case Logic LoDo Large Backpack

It's hard to know if you're backpack is going to last a year but when a bag comes with a 25-year warranty you know that the Case Logic is building a product that they don't expect to fall apart anytime soon. The LoDo Large could use one or two small pockets inside to help me keep organized but the style and build have left me happy with my purchase.

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