A Robot Mop! Alfawise V8S Pro E30B Review

by Nicole on October 8, 2019
Alfawise V8S Pro E30B
  • Has sweeping and mopping
  • Does a great job once you get the schedule figured out
  • Very quiet
  • Intelligent
  • Needs two passes to get the floors really clean
  • Changing the dust bit for the mopping module is cumbersome
  • Can get caught on things, a two cm high rail on the floor causes lots of issues
  • Greenlight on top is always on, it's pretty bright and very noticeable at night

I have been waiting for a robot vacuum to come with mopping function for quite some time. It’s always nice that a vacuum can sweep the floor but you still have to mop. The pricefal has finally started to come down so we have solid features at an affordable price, the Alfawise V8S Pro comes in at $169 from GearBest.

The Alfawise V8S Pro sweeps and mops, it can be voice-controlled, has an Epson gyroscope to map rooms, has 1800Pa of suction and is quiet at 65dB. There are a few things you’ll want to know about the V8S Pro before you pick it up because it’s a bit more work than set it and forget it to have clean floors.

The first week with the V8S Pro I wasn’t sure this was the right product for me. I haven’t had a robot vacuum in my new Berlin apartment and I hadn’t considered my furniture choice. This meant it kept getting caught on a chair that had bars going across the floor. The floors also weren’t perfectly clean. Then there is the fact that you have to change the attachment to go from sweeping to mopping.

Whenever I mop my floor I move all my furniture out of the way sweep it and then mop. Honestly, only a monster would mop a dirty floor, so I came up with a system that worked for me. I scheduled two sweepings a day, Monday to Friday because even a robot should get time off (or I don’t want to be chased around my flat). I didn’t come up with a regular day for mopping, but one day a week (usually Tuesday/Wednesday after the floor had been swept) I would put the mopping attachment on and do a double mopping of the floor.

Before the V8S Pro would mop I would spray the spots that needed cleaning. Without changing the schedule I would spay the dirty spots before I left the house, without doing this the floor would still have marks. Mopping is essentially just wiping, the cloth get s very wet and the V8S Pro passes over the floor with a wet cloth. When I’m mopping the floor, I’m scrubbing!

I tried putting a dash of floor cleaning solution in the water tank and it seems to work quite well. The floors feel and look clean. But they aren’t perfect. Even though there is spot and edge mode and the mapping does a good job of making sure the entire floor gets passed over, you will have to clean directly beside the wall and the corners.

Here are a series of photos of where it stops mopping, it also gives you an idea of where the sweeping is less effective, though it does pick up dirt by the walls these three inches aren’t as clean as the rest of the floor.

It’s also worth noting that you’re going to have to mop your floors by hand once a month, depending on how clean you need your floors. I found that spraying problem spots with a floor worked well. My tile floors in the bathroom do get watermarks on the floor after I shower, so I need to spray down the bathroom floor too if I want it to look really clean.

The real test for me came when I dog sat Junacho the corgi for a weekend. This is a dog that sheds, a lot. I didn’t change my plan, the V8S did two passes with the sweeping mode I emptied it after the first out of curiosity and it was equally full after the second pass. Corgi’s do shed a lot! Then I switched to mopping this time I left the apartment and when I came back I did find a few stray hairs but overall there was almost no evidence of the fur explosion.

I set the scheduling with the Smart Life App but you can control it with voice using Google Home and Amazon Alexa. If you don’t want to mess around with the app, and this is often the route I went, I would just grab the remote and his auto. Once when I spilled a glass of water I drove it around using the remote, it’s fun, but the novelty quickly wore off. The robot has an ARM chip and an Epson gyroscope to scan, process and maps the room so it can determine a complete and optimal cleaning pattern. The visualized map doesn’t look very detailed, but the robot does a good job of making an efficient cleaning path through the room.

Pick it up on GearBest for $169 or for $164 with coupon code ALFVCCP01

A look a the Alfawise V8S PRO Technology

The Alfawise V8S PRO has a BLDC brushless motor with 1800Pa of suction power and does not exceed 65dB. In mopping mode it never goes over 30dB. There are three modes of cleaning: auto, edge and cleaning along the planned route. Of course, it has sensors to prevent collisions and falls from the stairs. The power modes are Low, Normal and High. After experimenting with these I keep it on Normal. As you can expect High makes a lot of noise and Low leaves some dust behind. The operation mode I always use is Auto mode.

The robot feels solid, is completely white except for the docking station. The way you click new sweepers on it, is brilliant, no screwdriver needed. There is one button on the robot you only need to activate wifi, after that you probably never use that button or remote. because voice, or the mobile app is the way to go.

The V8S Pro can do a one-time clean 150 square meters and will automatically go back to recharge when the power is less than 20%. It’s 7.6cm thin so it can easily clean the dust under sofa, bed and other furniture. Sadly, it doesn’t fit under my european toilet, but it doesn’t go getting stuck under there. It has a 2500mAh Lithium-ion battery and the water tank is 350ml which is more than enough to do 90 meter square of cleaning with ¼ left in the tank. The dust box is 600ml and I empty it once a week and I’m doing 10 sweeps a week.

We like that Alfawise didn’t try to make their own software, they used a third-party app that’s aiming to be the go-to app for your smart home.

Battery Life

Alfawise V8S PRO is equipped with a 2500 mAh capacity battery. A single battery charge lasts for 2 hours of cleaning. At the end of the cleaning or if the charge level drops below 20% – the vacuum cleaner returns to the base itself. It takes 4 to 6 hours to fully charge. If it had to return to the base to charge during a cleaning, it will pick up from where it left off once it’s done charging.

What’s in the box

  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Side Brush (2x),
  • HEPA Filter (2x),
  • Microfiber mop (2x),
  • Charger base with adapter,
  • Remote controller with 2 x AAA Battery.


We got our review unit from GearBest and it’s on sale now for $169. We think that this is a great deal! The sweeping and mopping features are amazing at this price, it’s also quite intelligent, the auto cleaning mode seems to be getting better and better over the month I’ve had it.

Pick it up on GearBest for $169 or for $164 with coupon code ALFVCCP01

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Design / 7.5
Sound / 8.5
Performance / 7
Battery Life / 8
Software / 7.5
Price / 9
Editor's Choice / 8
Hardware / 8
Alfawise V8S Pro E30B

The Alfawise V8S Pro E30B is a steal at $159, it sweeps and mops your floors. Once I figured out the ideal schedule for my home between the sweeping and mopping features this robot is more than welcome to move into my home. By using a floor cleaning spray before the V8S Pro mops the floor you’ll get floors that look and feel clean. The only parts of the floor you’ll have to worry about are the 3” inches closest to the wall and corners. You do need to be involved with your robot since you have to change the dust bin out of the mopping pad. It was easy enough to get used to and the dust bin is large enough that I only change it once a week. If you’re looking for something that nearly removes the need for you to mop your floors and you don’t want to spend more than $200 the Alfawise V8S Pro E30B is a steal!

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