NVIDIA & Mercedes just shifted the direction of the automotive industry

by Nicole  on July 3, 2020
Mercedes Benz and NVIDIA will team up to build an in-vehicle computing system and AI computing infrastructure. In 2024 Mercedes Benz will start rolling out a next generation fleet that will come with upgradable automated driving [...]

OnePlus 8 & 8 Pro: Was the 7t too good?

by Nicole  on April 14, 2020
OnePlus dropped the tagline “Flagship Killer” and thought they still offer top line specs with solid pricing. Smartphones are getting more expensive. 5G licenses, Qualcomm is charging top dollar for their premium processors and the [...]

Will Self-Healing & Data Fabric be major software trends in 2020?

by Nicole  on January 28, 2020
Many companies are making the shift and no longer talk about their data stack, company database or of their IT department as division within the company! Data is so core to businesses that it doesn’t make sense to think of the as a [...]

Are Innovation Labs Useful?

by Nicole  on January 29, 2019

How The Internet Has Changed The Way We Grieve

by Nicole  on March 30, 2018

Altered Carbon’s Concept of AI is very Compelling

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The Moment Amazon took over Mobile Payment

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