Are people really buying cars from Instagram?

by Nicole  on August 14, 2019
Mercedes Benz brought me to The Hauge a few weeks ago to see a brand new dealership touting a brand new way of selling cars: The Best Customer Experience 4.0. I believe that Mercedes has made a significant step in the right direction to [...]

How Useful are industry standards for self driving cars?

by Nicole  on August 5, 2019
It’s not a stretch to say that profitability and long term success of ride sharing companies is linked to safe autonomous vehicles. Uber would be extremely profitable if it weren’t for all of the drivers it has to pay. The transition [...]

Audi A4 2020: Infotainment System Review

by Nicole  on July 29, 2019

BMW Vision M NEXT: Electric Concept Sports Car [Photos]

by Nicole  on June 25, 2019

BMW gives us a sneak peak at how they imagine the future with the Vision M NEXT electric sports car. Along with a design that screams sex we have the world premier of #NEXTGen a standalone infotainment system platform for personal mobility.

Driver Assist using just a smartphone – Demo

by Nicole  on June 11, 2019

How Gen Z is influencing the automotive industry

by Nicole  on April 29, 2019
Digital transformation along with the shared economy has disrupted the automotive and car rental industry in a big way. The disruption is getting worse as Gen Z joins the Millennial generation who isn’t as interested in driving their own [...]

Why Tesla’s 2020 Robotaxi is misguided

by Nicole  on April 23, 2019