Audi A4 2020: Infotainment System Review

by Nicole  on July 29, 2019

BMW Vision M NEXT: Electric Concept Sports Car [Photos]

by Nicole  on June 25, 2019

BMW gives us a sneak peak at how they imagine the future with the Vision M NEXT electric sports car. Along with a design that screams sex we have the world premier of #NEXTGen a standalone infotainment system platform for personal mobility.

Driver Assist using just a smartphone – Demo

by Nicole  on June 11, 2019

How Gen Z is influencing the automotive industry

by Nicole  on April 29, 2019
Digital transformation along with the shared economy has disrupted the automotive and car rental industry in a big way. The disruption is getting worse as Gen Z joins the Millennial generation who isn’t as interested in driving their own [...]

Why Tesla’s 2020 Robotaxi is misguided

by Nicole  on April 23, 2019

Tesla wants to launch driverless taxi’s in 2020

by Nicole  on April 22, 2019