Volvo Germany CEO on Bringing Car Dealerships into the Present

by Nicole  on April 8, 2021
Care by Volvo has faced many challenges coming up inside a large company while being viewed as competitive and perhaps even unnecessary change. This subscription service is a complementary sales model with traditional car dealerships. During the [...]

Miles Mobility is demanding money from customers whose cars were stolen

by Andrea Nepori  on January 12, 2021

Berlin-based mobility startup Miles wants its customers to pay for damages caused by the thieves who stole their vehicles, all the while failing to implement industry-standard safety features that would prevent car theft in the first place.

Do electric delivery vans make sense?

by Nicole  on May 27, 2020
When VW Commercial asked if I was interested in checking out the new eCrafter, I timed it with needed to move flats. I was nervous about parking, but always managed to find a spot and even parallel parked this behemoth on a busy downtown street [...]

VW e-Bulli: The 60s goes electric

by Nicole  on March 21, 2020

Why HD-Maps are vital to autonomous cars

by Nicole  on March 12, 2020

VW Caddy 2020: Why the new Caddy can beat the Golf

by Nicole  on February 23, 2020
The new Caddy will come in panel van, MPV and campervan form. We’ve only had to wait 17 years we finally have a fundamental redesign of the 5th generation VW Caddy! The new platform embraces technology both digitally and with assisted [...]