Volvo Germany CEO on Bringing Car Dealerships into the Present

by Nicole  on April 8, 2021
Care by Volvo has faced many challenges coming up inside a large company while being viewed as competitive and perhaps even unnecessary change. This subscription service is a complementary sales model with traditional car dealerships. During the [...]

Miles Mobility is demanding money from customers whose cars were stolen

by Andrea Nepori  on January 12, 2021

Berlin-based mobility startup Miles wants its customers to pay for damages caused by the thieves who stole their vehicles, all the while failing to implement industry-standard safety features that would prevent car theft in the first place.

Do electric delivery vans make sense?

by Nicole  on May 27, 2020
When VW Commercial asked if I was interested in checking out the new eCrafter, I timed it with needed to move flats. I was nervous about parking, but always managed to find a spot and even parallel parked this behemoth on a busy downtown street [...]

VW e-Bulli: The 60s goes electric

by Nicole  on March 21, 2020

Why HD-Maps are vital to autonomous cars

by Nicole  on March 12, 2020