Samsung’s Galaxy S20 aimed at 5G upgrade cycles, but is Germany ready?

February 11, 2020
Samsung has just announced their new line up of Galaxy S20 smartphones. The Galaxy S20 Ultra will only be available in 5G, the S20 and S20+ gives you the option for 5G or LTE. But will businesses and consumers bite?Samsung needed the S10 buck the trend of declining sales which started with the S8 series […]

What makes location data valuable? HERE CEO, Edzard Overbeek

January 21, 2020
HERE Technologies has launched the HERE OLP Marketplace for location data. They’re a company that’s big on democratizing data, and wants to be the NASDAQ for location data. If you’ve thought that you had the most valuable data around, upload it and find out if the open market agrees. I asked HERE CEO, Edzard Overbeek […]