Audi Study reveals Just how ready we are for autonomous vehicles

October 14, 2019
The human readiness index measures just how ready we are for self-driving cars, and in an online study “The Pulse of Autonomous Driving”, Audi has produced a user typology of autonomous driving.Audi in cooperation with the market research institute Ipsos interviewed 21,000 people in nine countries on three continents about Autonomous driving. It shows that […]

OnePlus 7t Review – Continues to be Great Value

October 4, 2019
The T line of OnePlus phones has always been an elegant refinement of its predecessor, the same is true for the OnePlus 7T. The design has undergone some significant changes and they’re all ones that immediately made me love it more! No more gimmicky pop-up camera, better in-hand feel and a flat display that yes, […]