When will IoT really arrive?

January 31, 2019
Internet of Things

How Scooters are inspiring better street design

January 25, 2019
Scooters have invaded the sidewalks of so many cities and they’ve become an integral part of a growing ecosystem known as micromobility. Scooters don’t fall under the same category as a Moped, who has had decades of laws to determine where you can drive and park them.This chaos in our pedestrian walkways happened so suddenly […]

The future of ridesharing – ZF & the Era of Robot Taxis

January 15, 2019
ZF showed an autonomous ridesharing solution at CES 2019, Nicole Scott sits down with Torsten Gollewski Senior VP of Research and Development talk about the future of ridesharing and what kind of role ZF will play in that future.The ZF Autonomous Ride-Hailing Taxi is a prototype that’s meant to preview the experience of a new […]