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The Importance of Mobility: Chile’s protests started with a subway fare hike

November 3, 2019
Protests in Santiago Chile have seen an estimated 1.2M people take to the streets. Chile is in political upheval, the president replaced a large portion of his Cabinet following violent protests. This all began with a proposed subway fare hike.A 3.75% fare hike, 30 Chilean pesos or less than 0.5USD was the spark. If you’re […]
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Is TomTom the Google Maps killer for B2B?

October 14, 2019
Google Maps became the standard for online maps, it’s rare that a website wouldn’t link to Google’s Maps. However, last year Google hiked the prices, some increasing 150%, over a year later Google is at it again raising prices on its customers yet again.Developers have been increasingly looking towards alternatives and in a recent interview […]