Nicole is an aspiring gypsy who is addicted to making videos about technology. Based Taipei because of the night markets & her need to get her hands on the latest gadgets 1st.

Why affordable ride sharing wont survive the pandemic

May 21, 2020
When we look back to the early days of Uber, the company emerged out of the 2008 recession. The ability to download an app and start earning money immediately was the lifeline for so many who had lost their job and savings. Investors backing the new paradigm shifting platform that changed the way that people […]

Uber should stop driving people & start driving goods?

May 13, 2020
In a pre-pandemic world getting food delivered to your house was a luxury. Even as we return to a new normal, the amount of goods we’re getting delivered to our homes will be higher than before.Uber has been making some serious moves to change their business model. Investing 170M into micro mobility services Lime and […]