Nicole is an aspiring gypsy who is addicted to making videos about technology. Based Taipei because of the night markets & her need to get her hands on the latest gadgets 1st.


A Robot Mop! Alfawise V8S Pro E30B Review

October 8, 2019
I have been waiting for a robot vacuum to come with mopping function for quite some time. It’s always nice that a vacuum can sweep the floor but you still have to mop. The pricefal has finally started to come down so we have solid features at an affordable price, the Alfawise V8S Pro comes […]

HUAWEI Mate 30 & Mate 30 Pro: Let’s Look at the Hardware

September 19, 2019
The HUAWEI Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro launched with out Google’s complete suite of services. If you’re brave enough to pick one up and download the apps your self you’ll be getting some amazing hardware.We’re going to take a step back from the controversy and take a look at the hardware.The Mate 30 and […]