How Tier 1’s are coping with the rapid changes in mobility – Mobile Geeks Podcast Episode 025

September 23, 2019
ZF & other Tier 1 automotive suppliers have to adapt to the rapid changes in mobility. They face the struggle of becoming a hardware supplier to a company that has to embrace AI & Software. Don interviews Dr Walliser, head of R&D of ZF Group to find out how they're managing that shift.

Can the A4 car save Audi? – Mobile Geeks Podcast Episode 021

July 30, 2019
The A4 historically is a very important car for Audi, when it was first released in 1994 the demand was unexpected high. In the midst of a global economic recession Audi managed to sell 120,000 cars in Germany alone. Teh A4 is still Audi's best selling car and last year had very disappointing sales. The Q2 numbers were just released and it looks like sales are down another 3%. This is a problem for the manufacture since the A4 is one of their top selling car, it was the rock on which Audi is built.Taking action Audi has updated the design in hopes of bringing back the struggling sedan. Nicole Scott and Don Dalhmann talk about the changes to the 2020 A4 and if it’s worth the 50,000EUR price tag Audi has given it.We also have a video version of this podcast here: