Volkswagen ID3 – Is it really a game changer for mobility? – Mobile Geeks Podcast Episode 023

September 9, 2019
Volkswagen has finally officially announced the ID3, it's first all electric car. The industry has been waiting for VW to get into the fully electric game for quite sometime. We've been hoping that the car maker with the ability to produce high quality mass market cars would come out with a game changer for the EV category.At IAA the camouflage is off and we get a look at the futuristic interior! We can help but wonder if it might be a little too futuristic for today's market.Don Dalhmann and Nicole Scott recorded this weeks Mobile Geeks Mobility Podcast inside the VW ID3.

Peak Car Ownership? – Mobile Geeks Podcast Episode 019

July 8, 2019
Nicole Scott Don Dahlmann Nicole and Don talk about peak car ownership. The global auto industry writes better sales figures every year – but sales figures are declining in some core markets. Have we reached the peak car? Does everyone still need one or more cars?