How does an EV handle a 700km road trip in Europe? – Mobile Geeks Podcast Episode 034

January 1, 2020
Nicole took a little time before the Christmas holidays - and embarked on a bold experiment. She drove an Audio E Tron long distance between Berlin and Denmark. How does an EV handle a 700km road trip in Europe?

What Automotive & Start Ups have in common – A Look at the Audi A1 Citycarver – Mobile Geeks Podcast Episode 030

November 11, 2019
Audi showed off the A1 Citycarver in Hamburg and instead of just bringing us on a traditional drive they took us to visit 4 different start ups to learn about the different features of the car. Learning about the B&O sound system took place at a recording studio/longboard shop, lighting from a Parkour troupe who needs lighting to be right so they can see the ground during their tricks, design took place at a design studio who made sneaker boxes, and the connectivity features at a trend scout.Looking at the Audi A1 citycarver and these start ups we can discuss its relationship to the automotive industry.