Vivatar go: The Emergency Button for Everyone

With the help of the Vivatar go button you can trigger the most important safety features in the app without having to hold your smartphone in your hand. At the touch of a button, friends, family or the BOSCH Emergency Assistant, whose are professionally trained service staff are available 24/7. They can be called quickly and discreetly and can help from anywhere at anytime.

by Nicole on December 13, 2017

Vivatar is a companion app from BOSCH Healthcare Solutions where users can share their location with friends and family. He decides when and with whom he shares it. On the way to the sport or on the way home from work, the user can send an inquiry to one of his friends or someone from his family, so that he can virtually take care of him.

His companion can then track his location via GPS and communicate with him in Vivatar chat. If the user feels uncomfortable, be it crossing an unlighted parking lot or similar situations, he can activate a so-called danger countdown. His companion is informed that he is taking extra good care of the two minutes that are going on. If the countdown has expired because the user has not finished it in time, the companion will be automatically notified by the user’s smartphone. The Vivatar app is available for Android for free and for iOS in the Appstore.

Safety “to go”

Whether on the way to work, while jogging or on the ski slope – the about 2-euro-piece-sized Vivatar go button can be taken anywhere and attached. So the user can comfortably leave his smartphone in his pocket and still use the Vivatar functions at any time, even outside of an escort. If the user feels insecure while on the road, he presses his go button quickly and discreetly to start the danger countdown. His chosen group, consisting of family or friends, will be informed and their location sent to them. In the case of an emergency, the user can also call the BOSCH Emergency Assistant at any time when using the Vivatar premium service – and with just one click. The one with Android smartphones. Compatible Vivatar go costs 29.99EUR and can be found in the webshop of the Vivatar website. It can be used with both the free Vivatar app and the Vivatar premium service.

Professional help with Vivatar premium

In addition, a Vivatar premium user can call BOSCH’s emergency call center at any time outside of an escort. The so-called BOSCH Emergency Assistant receives the exact location of the user at the moment of the call and can thus send help – for example in the form of emergency services – directly to the user’s location. In addition, with Vivatar premium an emergency pass can be created, in which the blood group, diseases, drugs and more are stored. In an emergency, the professionally trained service staff will forward this information directly to the emergency services. The Vivatar premium service costs 4.99 euros per month.

The Vivatar go is available now .


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