VAIO S11 Hands On – 11.6″ Skylake Notebook

by Nicole on February 4, 2016

Sony sold off the VAIO brand and now we’re lucky to come across a notebook dawning the legacy brand name anywhere except for Japan.  So on a recent trip to Akihabara in Tokyo, we went hunting for VAIO’s at Softbank store (a Japanese version of Best Buy, but WAY BETTER!).  Our love of small form factor computing with the intent of productivity is strong, so when we stumbled upon the VAIO S11 we just had to show it off!

Personally I would love to see the VAIO 11S for sale in the rest of the world it’s 11.6 inches running Intel’s latest 6th Generation Core Processor and it’s only 930grams.  It’s nice to see ultra-compact high specification devices being released, even if it is only in Japan.


The VAIO 11S 11.6 inches with a Full HD matte non touch display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080. Under the hood we’ve got a Core i5-6200U at 2.3GHz (up to 2.8Ghz) and a 128GB 6Gb/s SSD along side 4GB of RAM. Over all the look and feel of the design is what you expect from Sony, it’s polished and sleek, it feels premium.


If could change one things it would be to make the bezels a bit smaller, although this would have decreased the available area for the keyboard.  This is what I love about the challenges for making small form factor productivity devices. If you missed my other coverage from Akihabra in Tokyo, you’ll want to see the Portabook XMC10 Notebook with an 8 inch display and 12 inch keyboard.


The VAIO 11S has a good profile, at its thinnest it measures 16.95mm and increases to 19.1mm at the rear.  In Japan there is still a need for full size ports, presentations and meeting rooms are still all pegged to full size VGA.  Full size Ethernet is also necessary since WiFi isn’t a plentiful as you’d think in hotels. I was extremely pleased to see a USB Type C Thunderbolt 3 port as well as a full size SD Card slot and 2 x USB 3.0.  The entire device is powered by a 40W battery, has LTE capabilities and is running Windows 10. It was for sale at Softbank for 149,000 which is around $1275, it’s a little pricy but Thunderbolt 3 & Skylake Core i5 have be thumbing the folds of my wallet.

We’re sad to see the Sony brand dropped from the VAIO line, but we’re happy that top shelf devices are still making it on to the market. What do you think? Would a 11.6 inch Core i5 Notebook do well in Western markets?

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