Sensel Morph with 20,000 Pressure Points Demo

by Nicole on June 1, 2016

Morph is a multi touch input device which has 20,000 pressure sensors, it detects a range of pressures, allowing it to detect any object. Since it’s able to detect pressure in this way, we have created overlays that allow the device to “morph” into many different devices, and you can even create your own overlays and thus your own “forms” of the Morph.


The Morph works out of the box with many applications, and it’s also hackable for those more technically-inclined. You can connect it to your computer via USB, to your iPad via Bluetooth, or to your Arduino via developer cables. You can use various Overlays, all which are automatically detected, for each supported use case. The Overlays are optional “physical apps” made of a thin, flexible layer that you can place over the device to provide a visual “map” and tactile feedback for each mode’s unique functionality. Imagine having your art tablet, music production controller, QWERTY keyboard, piano, video game controller (and anything else your mind can fathom) all in one device.


Here is a cool way that it’s being used by a Watch maker, Ray Kampmeier, who control a robot arm with a Sensel Morph! In an interview Ray gave some additional insight into using the Sensel Morph:

This is the first time you can control something so complex with a single hand. There are only so many gestures you can achieve with five points of contact and adding that pressure domain totally opens it up, there are so many more permutations of gestures and movements that you can apply on this pad. It could be vehicle control– you could be sitting in a car and controlling it entirely with all with one hand. We could have elements of musical performance or theater controlled with a single hand. It opens up so many possibilities: if an artist or performer is using one hand for one thing, they could have some very rich control with their other hand on a platform like The Morph.

We’re especially excited about the potential that this product has in so many different disciplines, we can even see how something like this could be used to reshape the way we interact with our cars. Which is why we gave it our Computex 2016 Best Accessories Award!

The Morph was successfully back on Kickstarter by 1,612 backers who pledged $442,648 and is now available for Pre-Order through they website for $249.