OnePlus 6 Video Quality Review

If you're looking a look at the quality of the video quality, stabilization, slow motion and audio you won't find a more detailed video online.

by Nicole on May 21, 2018

The OnePlus 6 comes again with a dual camera. Both sensors have an f/ 1.7 aperture. The second camera turns on only at a certain brightness and should help with low-light. It was the same with the OnePlus 5T. An innovation here is that the main sensor is equipped with optical image stabilization this time. Electronic image stabilization will continue to be used as with the Google Pixel 2, but you can still get a bit more out of the camera with OIS. On the one hand in low-light photos, on the other hand generally in videos.

What I especially like about the OnePlus 6 is the video camera. It can record up to 4k 60 FPS and the quality is really good. Not only are the videos very sharp, but also the colors and the dynamic range are right. Even better here is the video stabilization. Here OnePlus relies on optical and electronic image stabilization. Just OIS is new here. The best is corrected here at 1080p or at 4k 30 FPS, but even with 60 frames per second, the stabilization is better than most smartphones. The video camera comes very close to current front runners such as the Google Pixel 2 XL, Samsung Galaxy S9 + or the iPhone 8, or iPhone X. It is also nice that at twice the zoom stabilization also takes effect and does a good job.

Slow motion looks good, but it’s only capable of 1080p 240 FPS and 720p 480 FPS which actually isn’t bad, because instead of just a window of 0.2 seconds, you can film as long as you want and set the slow motion effect in the video, where you want and how long you want. In addition, the quality of the video is not as bad as its competitors. Even at 720p, the slow-motion is relatively sharp and not as pale as the competition.

I like the front camera for videos very well. Not only that the quality is great, but also the stabilization. Here electronic image stabilization is used, which makes the video look as if you were filming it with a gimbal. That even without quality loss.

If you’re looking a look at the quality of the video quality, stabilization, slow motion and audio you won’t find a more detailed video online.

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