MYNT: Stainless Steel Tracker & Remote Just Launched on Indiegogo

by Nicole on August 25, 2015

MYNT is a tracking device which has incorporated a smartphone remote control. It’s the size of two quarters and just as thin, it’s just launched on Indiegogo so you can pick it up for much less than some other bulkier more expensive devices which are currently on the market.

MYNT is made out of stainless steel and is thin enough to fit into your wallet while providing extra utility as a wireless control for your smartphone. As smartphones get better and better cameras being able to completely illeminate any camera shake can make a big difference to image quality. (I’m obessed with the light streak features on the Huawei P8 right now, so something like this would be amazing.) If selfies aren’t you’re thing controlling your music or power point (on your Mac) are also possible. MYNT is ⅛ inch thin 2.2 inches long, made of steel and the Early Bird starts at $19 on Indegogo, so act fast!


mynt 2