IFA 2017 Editor’s Choice Award Winners

by Nicole on September 2, 2017

IFA is Europe’s biggest electronics show and is held on September 1-6 and is traditionally a launch pad for our Christmas shopping lists. This year, IFA is heading back to its roots as a consumer centric home appliance show with IoT taking a front and center stage. Since Samsung decided to launch the Note 8 a little earlier, it allowed other products to shine and for us to find some hidden gems.   Mobile Geeks takes a look at some of our favorites from across the show.

Best Smartphone: LG V30

LG has finally launched its content creator focused smartphone, the V30 has some serious video making and photography chops with the ability to shoot LUD and some hi end audio recording capabilities.

Mobile Geeks awards best Smartphone of IFA 2017 to the LG V30, this feature rich yet durable smartphone has dropped the gimmicks found in previous generations to offer IP68 which is more in line with its durable smartphone ethos.

Best enabling technology: Tempow

With home automation sweeping the scene, it’s easy to get frustrated by our technology not seamlessly working together. Tempow is a French start up with a feature on Motorola’s new mid-range X4 Smartphone. The X4 synchronizes multiple audio devices by optimizing its Bluetooth software stack to incorporate the Wireless Sound System that’s good for up to 4 speakers from any company.
Tempow is being awarded best enabling technology because it unifies a fragmented ecosystem by fixing Bluetooth, the base method most accessories use for pairing.  Audio appears to be the first stop of the strappy young startup we can imagine how something like this could be used in a home automation device like Alexa or in automotive

Best VR Experience: Lenovo Star Wars: Jedi challenges

Lenovo has done the Star Wars legacy justice with Jedi Challenges, the Lenovo mixed reality headset is comfortable to wear and the game play is immersive and very fun.

Best Connected home device: Velux

The biggest problem with home automation devices is that they don’t think for the consumer. Velux has a home automation system that’s focused on your comfort but the machines talk to each other rather than you to make ensure the perfect environment. Opening and closing windows is the easiest thing to do, but opening the windows when you’ve burnt something because you detect high CO2 levels, is the next level. Machine to machine communication with very little input from the user is the trend Velux has set and it’s one that I hope to see in more products.

Best Laptop: Lenovo 920 Vibes

Lenovo has taken an award winning Laptop and made it more stylish with the Yoga 920 Vibes. Lenovo ran a design contest and the winner heads into production. The sleek watch band hinge and sturdy design already put the Yoga 920 at the top of our list, the fact that it became even sexier with Intel’s 8th Gen Core processor has us drooling.

Best 2-in-1 Convertible – Acer Switch 7 Black Edition

Acer is back with their Switch 7  which now has a Black Edition, this 2 in 1 was already a crowd pleaser and now with a more deisgned focused finish and Intel’s 8th Generation Core processor, it’s a easy pick for a Mobile Geeks Editor’s Choice Award.

 Best connected kitchen solution: Panasonic

When envisioning the kitchen of the future, nothing feels more Jetsons than the fridge leaving the wall to meet you with just the right ingredient.
Mobile Geeks awards Best Connected Kitchen solution to Panasonic whose Smart Life Area takes a holistic approach to living smarter can be seen through its 4 concept appliances. Panasonic AI kitchen advisor helps users make the most of their kitchen, Educational Partner is a social robot focused on education, home monitoring, and companionship, Movable Fridge responds to voice commands and uses LIDAR to navigate the home and Sustainable manager is the laundry system of everyone’s dreams.

Best home appliance: AEG

At Mobile Geeks we believe the best home automation are the ones that don’t require the consumer to do anything, the AEG 9000 series Okokombi washer-dryer combo with “SensiDry” technology does just that. Through the use of sensor technology this dryers smarts come from morethann tweeting you when your laundry is done, it customizes the cleaning cycle based on fabric type.For the US market, the updated line of Electolux PerfectCare washing machines and dryers makes the bold claim of limiting your trip to the dry cleaners, pledging that the units will ensure that “clothing continues to perform and look its best, with the right care for a variety of garments, from denim, cashmere and wool to technical wear and even delicates.”

Best TV: Philips 9 Series

We’re still sadly a long way off widely-available 4K HDR video–in fact, the vast majority of the TV that most people watch is in 1080p, 720p or SD resolution.

With a beautiful OLED panel you’ll want to consume as much 4K content as possible, but some technical wizadry will be needed to make non-4K content look acceptable on a 4K screen. Philips offers up its new P5 picture processing technology. This new chipset promises to improve the quality of your streaming video, thanks to a multitude of clever picture processing techniques from, you guessed it, five picture processing units.

That’s what makes the Philip SEries 9 series of televisions a Mobile Geeks Editor’s Choice award winner.

Have a company that you think should have won, leave us a comment, we’re always keen to uncover something new.