Huawei Mate 20 Pro – The perfect phone for people who don’t care about tech

by Nicole on October 16, 2018

We’re seeing upgrade cycles on phones get longer and longer and the amount a phone evolves every year is becoming more and more incremental. We’ve published more than our fair share of articles about how smartphone innovation is stagnant, in fact, we published a new one specifically about the Mate 20 Pro today.

I stand by my words, Innovation to me changing the way something is done, or in the case of a smartphone, an innovation should change the way we use it. The iPhone was an innovative product because it changed the entire smartphone category. Adding a fingerprint reader into the display does change the way we interact with it, but is it really true innovation? The technology is cool, but is it really innovative?

Umit believes so, in fact he’s called his video “Huawei Mate 20 Pro: The most innovative smartphone of the year”

He’s not wrong, even though I’ve become harder and harder to impress in my old age. What makes the Mate 20 Pro a phone that may have added just enough new features to be a phone whose technology fades into the background and will enable you to stop caring about the tech that’s in your phone!

The innovation, in this case, isn’t about changing the way we use our devices but that we no longer have to think of HOW to use our device.

Artificial Intelligence is at the center of this evolution.

Huawei, like most manufacturers, has been focused on the integration of AI features for a while now, their homegrown Kirin 980 has a dual NPU AI Unit.

Imagine apps using image, sound, and voice recognition, all processed locally (without an internet connection or “the cloud”) to enhance and augment our apps. Think of a tourist feature that points out local landmarks directly from within your camera app, or apps that recognize your food and give you information about the calorie count.

You won’t need to think about your internet connectivity for things to work.

When it comes to photography, Master AI 2.0 is now better so that it not only can recognize more scenarios, objects, and optimizations but also segments photos in real time into up to 10 elements and optimizes each one of them separately. With this the dog, the beach, the sea, the sky, and the palm tree etc. are separately optimized and put together into one picture. The AI now also allows you macro Photography up to a distance of 2.5 cm, which especially for me is very cool and useful.

The Master AI can now also optimize Videos. It can, for example, recognize what is important in the video and predict the movement of the object and with classic movie color, you can choose color profiles for your videos. Features like Colour Pop and Video Bokeh are also rendered in real time

You won’t need to think about how to take a good photo or video, the phone will figure it out for you.

Really cools is the new PC Mode which now works with Miracast compatible devices and without a docking station. The image is not just mirrored, but both displays can be used separately.

Forget trying to put two different things on your tiny smartphone display, you can just use it as an independent display. You can really use your device any way you need.

The Mate 20 Pro also comes with EMUI 9 based on Android 9 and has way less complex settings menus. In this case, the simplification of things makes it more intuitive to use.

There are a few features not related to AI that will make managing or taking care of your phone a thing of the past. The Mate 20 Pro has a superfast charging technology with 40 W SuperCharge, where the 4200 mAh battery can charge from 0 to 70% in 30 minutes. What´s also new is Wireless Charging with 15W, which makes it 1.6 times faster than the current competition. With Wireless Charging comes another really cool feature: A few years ago Huawei introduced a Feature which allows you to use your Phone as a Powerbank for other Phones. Now you can do it wirelessly. Just put another Qi Smartphone on the Mate 20 Pro and it charges.

Remembering a charging cable or power bank is now a thing of the past! One less thing to have to remember to do or bring in your life!

We all have enough to do, taking 10 minutes to edit a photo for Instagram or running back into the house to grab a power bank can add up. Huawei has included just enough tech that we may be able to stop worrying about managing what we’re doing with the technology in our lives and just worrying about living them.