Gadgets, Tips & Tricks for a More Productive Work Space

If you’re like me keeping a clean desk is a massive struggle, but your desk is your command center and a well-organized desk can help make you more productive. Let’s see if we can optimize your space for productivity.

by Nicole on August 1, 2017

If you think of your desk as a command center, your monitor is the window to your work, so pick a good one, I’ve got an ASUS PA248Q monitor that’s very versatile, you can change the height as well as angle. We opted for the Adobe RGB edition with has a screen resolution of 2560 x 1440. When setting up your monitor it should be at eye level and about 17 inches from your body. If your monitors aren’t adjustable like my second one, an easy fix is to use books to raise them up. I think they add a bit of flare to your set up.

Keyboard – Mionix Wei Mechanical Keyboard


The keyboard and mouse are key to my productive desk set up. We’re all about mechanical keyboards not because gamers think they’re cool but because they stand up to longer abuse help boost your typing accuracy and they just feel better to type on. The Mionix Wei mechanical keyboard has keys that are very nice to the touch and not too loud to type on. I love the light effect, I like rainbow as it shows off the Full RGB backlight, but this means the backlight is on all the time, explosion just lights up while you type and your keyboard isn’t on all the time. The base is solid rubber so there are no accidental shifts if things get a little aggressive while hitting those keys. The key caps are also exchangeable.

I got the pink keycaps but I actually didn’t like them as much as the original keys which are transparent where the letters or numbers appear on the key. This is a much more pleasant effect than solid keys that are darker where the letter or number are, the pink keys just glowed, they didn’t actually show off the colors of the backlight.

The Mionix keyboard comes in English, German, Nordic, Japanese, French & UK.

The wrist rest is a fun punch of color but where productivity really ramps up is the mouse.

Mouse – Mionix Castor

We’ve got a gaming mouse that doesn’t look like a gaming mouse. If however, you are a gamer, the CASTOR will not leave you disappointed, thanks to some excellent design choices on behalf of Mionix. The mouse is relatively lightweight, coming in at about 100 grams and is very comfortable to hold. The button to switch between customizable DPI steps is easily accessible behind the scroll wheel and the 5000 DPI optical sensor is really just a bonus.

The cable does not get in the way when you are gaming and it is very easy to make minor adjustments while gaming since one can easily lift the mouse and reposition it while gaming thanks to the rubber coated left side just below the thumb buttons. All of the buttons are also re-mappable through the stylish Mionix Hub application which also tracks some statistics about your mouse usage.

Being able to set up different profiles actually, increases our productivity through being able to assign editing short cuts to different buttons cuts down on my editing time. If you’re just browsing you’ll be able to use them as a back button to surf with less clicking.

Cable Management Solution – Adam Gravity G1

Cable management is never an easy job and it really makes you look at the fundaments of your set up. My cables have been minimized and hidden for the most part, but since you can always improve I picked up the Gravity G1 magnets from Adam. These were supposed to keep my changing cables in check and in easy reach.

Sadly, they worked best on lightning cables for iPhones, so Android users are for the most part out of luck. One or two on my cables barely hung on so I tried to use them to store USBs on the back of my monitor close to my USB hub. Only old school traditional looking USBs worked, so most of my more svelte looking USBs just didn’t have enough metal to stick.

I also had to replace them multiple times, it’s easy enough you just wet the rubber back. I can’t say that I recommend this product since you’d have to buy it and try it on what you want to stick it to as well as your cables and USBs to know if this solution would work for you. So, I’m still after the perfect cable management set up, but there are some super cool ideas on Pinterest.

Even if most of USBs didn’t stick to the magnets, I do really like having some located in easy reach of my USB 3.0 hub.

USB 3.0 Hub – Anker 10 Port Hub

Anker makes a great 3.0 hub, it’s got 3 ports for quick-charge so that you can take advantage of the speedy top ups that your phone is likely capable of. Also, only fools wait for files to transfer, get rid of all your slow transferring USBs! What makes this hub worth a look is 7 ports offer high-speed data transfer of up to 5Gbps and 3 offers PowerIQ that delivers the offers of up to 2.1 amps per port.

We’ve been long time fans of Ankers products, the build quality is always top notch and they are very detail oriented, that this hub is capable of 60W of power output means that each device is getting maximum power, it’s not being split and diluted slowing the experience.

This was a quick look at how I’ve changed my desk around to maximize productivity. Leave me a comment if you have some suggestions, I’m always looking for ways to improve!