Everything Microsoft Announced on Day 1 of BUILD 2019

Microsoft’s BUILD outlines the companies vision for the coming year. AI and the future of work are key to Microsoft’s strategy.

by Nicole on May 6, 2019

Every year Microsoft holds its annual developer conference and CEO Satya Nadella outlines Microsoft’s vision for the future. Microsoft has been adapting their portfolio to meet the changing needs of how we work. Their vision for the future of work extends this year with new collaboration and productivity services across the web and apps as well as the addition of AI capabilities in Microsoft 365.

“As computing becomes embedded in every aspect of our lives, the choices developers make will define the world we live in,” said Nadella “Microsoft is committed to providing developers with trusted tools and platforms spanning every layer of the modern technology stack to build magical experiences that create new opportunity for everyone.”

His Day 1 keynote was packed with announcements:

Microsoft Graph

Microsoft Graph becomes available in Workplace Analytics and as standalone SKU for independent software vendors.

Microsoft Graph creates comprehensive graphs of organizational activity. It securely maps the relationships between people, information and activities within the context of an organization to show connection points and insights to improve the ways people work and work together.

Fluid Framework

Fuild Framework gives people and teams new ways to create together. This is a new web-based platform and componentized document model for shared interactive experiences.

Its capabilities include:

  • Enabling content from web or productivity apps, to be deconstructed and
    reconstructed into modular components so people can more easily create together.
  • Streamlined and efficient multiperson, co-authoring experiences.

A creating room for intelligent agents to work alongside humans to co-author, fetch content, provide photo suggestions, identify experts, translate data and more. Fluid should be available later this year through a software development kit.

Microsoft Edge built on Chromium OS

Edge gets new features:

  • IE mode integrates Internet Explorer directly into the new Microsoft Edge via a tab. This allows businesses to run legacy Internet Explorer-based apps in a modern browser.
  • Privacy tools are now available in three levels: Unrestricted, Balanced and Strict. Depending on which option you pick, Microsoft Edge adjusts how third parties can track you across the web, giving customers more choice and transparency for a more personalized experience.
  • Collections allows you to collect, organize, share and export content more efficiently and with Office integration.

These features will roll out as the product readies for an official launch.

Microsoft outlines its vision for Bots aka “Intelligent Agents”

Microsoft Bot Framework and Azure Bot Services aim to build powerful conversational interfaces from data and machine learning instead of from rules, intent and code. They envision a world where every organization has an agent, just like today where every organization has a website.

The goal is to have completely natural experiences with multiturn dialog, spanning multiple domains and, most importantly it will work across multiple agents. The new Semantic Machines team is focused on creating a conversational experience.

Microsoft goes Quantum with Q#

Microsoft designed Q# specifically for quantum programming, it’s an approachable, high-level programming language with a native-type system for qubits, operators and other abstractions.

At Build, Microsoft is open sourcing Q# compilers and simulators to grow the community of Q# developers and unlock new opportunities for partners and startups to enhance their offerings for their own businesses.

GitHub and Azure get linked

GitHub Enterprise customers are able to access the Azure AD identity management and security, along with synchronization of accounts across systems. Developers can now also use their existing GitHub account, including Azure Portal and Azure DevOps, to sign in to Azure. This update enables GitHub developers to go from repository to deployment with just their GitHub account.

Solutions to secure the election process

ElectionGuard is a free, open source software development kit, developed in partnership with Galois, that provides security and public verifiability for elections, as well as guidance and tools to build more accessible voting systems. Microsoft is asking developers around the world to build on and integrate ElectionGuard into existing and new voting systems. The ElectionGuard SDK will be available this summer on GitHub, and Microsoft has partnered with several leading election
technology providers to pilot this service in preparation for future elections.

Microsoft is also announcing Microsoft 365 for Campaigns. This new service, also available in June, will provide the high-end security capabilities of our Microsoft 365 Business offering to political parties and campaigns, initially those for federal office in the United States. It will do so in a streamlined way and at a low price, preconfigured to optimize for the unique operating environments campaigns face,
including their fast pace and high-security-risk profile.

Today is Day 1 of BUILD 2019, be sure to check back for updates from Seattle as Mobile Geeks has been invited to attend by Microsoft. All thoughts and ideas are still our own.