Can the Galaxy Note 10 Save Samsung?

by Nicole on August 7, 2019

Samsung has had a rocky 2019, in Q2 Samsung’s mobile business reported a 42% drop in operating profit. It’s shipments are up quarter over quarter but that’s thanks to the strong sales of the budget Samsung Galaxy A series.

Here comes the big problem for the Note 10 series, sales of flagship models fell, due to “weak sales momentum for the Galaxy S10 and stagnant demand for premium products.” However, if you’re into premium handsets and want something unique and versatile, you wouldn’t be picking up a Galaxy S10+, you’d be waiting for the Note 10.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 used to be Samsung’s favorite child when it came to having the latest technology. That honor is now reserved for the Galaxy Fold.

The Note has lost its place at the top of Samsung’s innovation food chain and that’s ok. It’s a sign of the times and an indication of where the market is headed.

Niche or Nothing!

The Note 10 is a niche product, those who love it LOVE IT! The pen has seen significant improvements and Samsung has tucked enough content producer nuggets in there to get YouTubers to rave about the Smartphone. Adobe Rush optimizations with the pen, tap on the screen to use the audio zoom, video bokeh that uses that second TOF sensor to push the boundaries between DSLR and Smartphone.

There is a segment of user that is completely forgoing the notebook. The Note offers enough of a bridge with the S Pen that it’s entering the arena of notebook replacement. Then consider that Samsung has DEX which allows you to use your phone just like a desktop!

Business users who need to execute on the go, YouTubers looking for a vlogging device, people who don’t want to buy a notebook. These are the main categories of users that I see as willing to spend $1000 on a Smartphone.

Niche phones are becoming more apparent as the mid-range has caught up with design. If you don’t care about camera and gaming, it’s hard to see why you’d want to spend more than 3 or 400 on a phone.

Being Niche doesn’t mean you’re not mainstream

The fact that the ASUS ROG Phone II racked up 2 million pre-orders in under 24Hr shows that niche products are alive and well and perfectly capable of pushing serious sales volumes. Last year the Note 9 sold 9.6M units and predictions are already out by the Consumer Report who believes the Note 10 will sell 100,000 units more than the Note 9.

Crazy that 9.7M units is considered a niche!

When it comes to business phones the Note line really hasn’t had much of a rival. Of course, there is Apple, but anyone who is serious about tech will know that Apple’s strength is in the reliance/addiction to their ecosystem. When the new iPhone drops, the camera will be amazing to anyone who’s never used a Pixel. Apple devotees will once again lose their shit along with a $1,000+, and they’ll be super satisfied.

People aren’t as loyal as they used to be, but at the same time people who love their phones don’t want to be bothered to research or change. They love their Note 8, it’s time upgrade to Note 10. There are enough people loyal to the S Pen that Samsung’s niche product with the Note line will remain strong.

Will the Note line save Samsung’s declining numbers? The answer is clearly no.

The mid range is where shipping volumes are coming from and the premium line is for category leadership and bragging rights.

Will you be disappointed if you buy a Note, you’ll have to wait for our review but for now, you can check out our hands on with this sharp-cornered stunner of a smartphone.