Breezometer Air Quality Meter, Tested in Taipei

by Nicole on August 9, 2016

There is a lot to love about Taipei, delicious night markets, friendly people and though the mountains are in plain sights pretty much everywhere you look the city is incredibly flat, so I cycle to get around. Over the past few years I’ve started noticing that the air isn’t a fresh as it used to be.

At CES I ran into Breezometer, an Israel start up has an app that’s able to tell me the air quality in different parts of the city. They have recently launched their app in Taipei, so I decided to use it for a few weeks to see if knowing the air quality in different parts of the city would impact my daily routine.

The map data is updated in real time so I a’m able to tell what the air quality looks like on my ride to work, the air quality wasn’t different enough to get me to change my route. However, when it comes to different parks that I might choose to go for a run at around my house, it was clear that at some times of day I should be choosing to work out in different parts of the city. If you know Taipei, SunYatSen Memorial and Daan part are really only a 15 min bike ride apart, but one day I noticed a 20 point difference in air quality.


This is an incredibly macro level use of the Breezometer, when you think of how this technology can impact a Smart City, things get a lot more interesting.

BreezoMeter and GE’s energy-focused in-house startup, Current have announced a partnership to  which is aimed at providing smart cities with real-time air quality and traffic analytics. Currents can provide  traffic insights from its LED infrastructure and Breezometer is obviously all about Air Quality.

It’s entirely possible that urban planners can reroute and organize traffic more efficiently, the goal would be to avoid polluting the area through an air quality check.  The cities citizens could even have access to real time data and get an alert when when air quality levels reach critical levels in their vicinity.

I’m lucky enough to Taipei is a very Smart City, low imact public transportation, bike lanes and the Taipei 101 is the worlds tallest green building.

If you want to check out the city in which Mobile Geeks is Head Quartered, be sure to watch our video to see some great city scapes as well as how Breezometer works.