A Trip to Google’s Seoul Campus

by Nicole on October 8, 2015

Google opened its first campus in Asia to support Internet start-up entrepreneurs it’s located in Seoul Korea and Mobile Geeks stopped by to check it out.


Google hopes the new venture will give Korean high-tech programs and applications access to the world market, and give Google more access to the Korean market. Located in an office building in the trendy Gangnam neighborhood, it consists of 2,000 square meters of open office space, garden and cafe. aspiring Internet program developers will get encouragement, mentoring, opportunities to network, and help finding investors.



This supportive environment that Google is providing free of charge, she says, also helps the company to penetrate the Korean market. South Korea is one of the few countries in the world where Google is not the top Internet search engine. Instead the Korean company Naver dominates that market. Google has similar facilities in London and Tel Aviv, but this is the company’s first such venture in Asia. In the three years it has been in operation in London the Google campus helped start up companies attract over $110 million in venture capital and create 18,000 new jobs. Google decided on Seoul because it has some of the fastest Internet speeds, a large talent pool of well-educated engineers, and one of the highest percentages of smart phone users in the world.