Refurbished iPhone Testing Checklist

by Nicole  on July 19, 2021

Apple Fitness+ Goes after Peloton, but it’s not likely to succeed

by Nicole  on September 15, 2020
Apple Fitness+ could be a gateway drug for Peloton’s bike or treadmill, but it also take aim at a massive part of their business: the Peloton Digital Subscription.Apple Fitness+ is a new subscription service for virtual classes. The [...]

Why Apple’s move away from Intel is the best way forward – Opinion

by Nicole  on June 23, 2020
As I’m sure you’ve heard at WWDC Apple announced it’s move away from Intel CPUs to their own proprietary processor that it’s already using in it’s iPhones and iPads. It’s a rumor we’ve been hearing for a [...]

Does lidar make sense on an iPad?

by Nicole  on March 19, 2020
Earlier this week Apple launched a new iPad and I dismissed the inclusion of Lidar as spec bump to maintain the illusion of innovation. However, the longer I sat with it, the more I thought I might be wrong. I’m going to break down my [...]

Apple was right to launch a 4G iPhone, except in China

by Nicole  on September 13, 2019
The new iPhones came packed with so much new technology, pro level video, a glass back that is actually finger print resistant and they went thicker to provide all day battery life. But where is the 5G? And more importantly will this move cost [...]

Apple is a Fintech Company: What you need to know

by Nicole  on March 25, 2019
If you were paying attention during Apple’s quarterly earnings call back in August you would have noticed clear signs that Apple was becoming a fintech company. Apple Pay transactions had tripled from a year earlier, to more than 1 [...]

The Galaxy S10 is solid, but is Samsung’s strategy?

by Nicole  on February 22, 2019

Apple iPhone 7 Plus vs Autumn in Canada

by Nicole  on November 1, 2016