Google has issued an update to its YouTube App for iOS. Optimized for the newly launched iPhone 5 and the fourth generation iPad, the update comes loaded with features that have been added based on feedback that Google received since it last updated the iOS app back in September.

Google Intros Updated YouTube App For iPad, iPhone 5

If you are wondering what the new features are, let us remind you that the updates are just incremental in nature and casual users might not even notice some of them. The new app boasts of enhanced support for AirPlay and also claims to be faster than the outgoing app when it comes to start of video playback. Videos are also claimed to be much smoother. Users now also get the option to tap a logo and open the Channel Guide. They can also add and remove videos from playlists.

The official YouTube app for iOS arrived on the app store back in September for the first time ever. This was due to the fact that it no longer comes preloaded with iOS devices any more owing to the licensing deal between Apple and Google coming to an end this year. This was also the reason why as of now, there is no Google Maps for iOS. The good thing about having a standalone App instead of a preloaded one though is the chances of the same getting frequently updated. This can happen independent of OS Updates and for the same reason would give Google the bandwidth to add more features and push them directly to users without interference by Apple.

Google also announced an updated Gmail app along with this refreshed YouTube one. Called the Gmail 2.0, this app gets an entirely revamped interface and sports a much cleaner look.

Of late there have been rumours about Google prepping a Google Maps version for iOS. It remains to be seen if Apple would allow a fierce competitor to its own iOS 6 Maps on to its App Store.

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