Now, if you weren’t under a rock or something you should be knowing that it is already possible to run Android apps on your PC without having to do complex, geeky things. You know, like downloading an SDK or having to use virtual machines and stuff.

Coming Soon: Windows PC Apps On Android Devices!

Thanks to the folks from over at BlueStacks, it has become child’s play to get your favorite apps running on your PC (or Mac). If you still don’t know about BlueStacks, Google it! It lets you run WhatsApp Messenger on your PC. Isn’t that a good enough reason to download it?

Anyway – what if you are not happy with running Android Apps on your PC and want to do it the other way round? Like running your full-fledged PC applications on your puny little smartphone or tablet? Well until a few years ago this prospect was laughable but now – thanks to the insane computing prowess our modern smartphones and devices possess – this is very much a possibility and Wine will let you do exactly that.

Until now Wine was a name synonymous with Linux. That was because it let programs designed for Windows platform run on Linux based systems. Now lest we forget, Android is based on Linux as well (don’t ask me much about it). Well, we are hearing that as I sleepily type this, folks behind Wine are slogging their behinds in order to bring Windows to Android.

Like I said, this still is work under progress and once it is complete, you guys would be able to run full fledged PC applications on your ARM based tablet. Why someone would want to do it however is beyond me. But hey, on a serious note I am sure there would be enough takers for this. I can already see people orgasming over the prospect of running Windows Movie Maker on an Android tablet. Sigh!

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