Any computer that is running Windows 7 should be able to run Windows 8, but the owner of many Netbooks and other devices some of which are less than a year old are having trouble making the upgrade.  The problem seems to be with devices sporting Cedar Trail Intel Atom processors and even if your device meets Windows 8 requirements you might be out of luck.

Windows 8 Upgrade Fails on Many Tablets and Netbooks Thanks to Missing Video Drivers

An example of a Windows 7 system that meets all the requirements is the Asus Eee PC 1225C netbook.  The 12 inch device sports a 1.86-GHz processor, 2 GB of RAM, support for DirectX 9 graphics, and an HD display resolution of 1366 x 768. So far so good. So what is the problem?  The Eee PC 1225C uses the Cedar Trail N2800 processor whose graphics card is the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3650.

According to Asus its tests show the device is not upgradeable to Windows 8, and blames its Intel architecture.

ASUS is not the only one speaking out,Acer states “The tested systems cannot be upgraded from Microsoft Windows 7 operation system to Microsoft Windows 8 operation system due to Cedar Trail chipset is not supporting upgrade to Windows 8,”

The Fujitsu Q552 tabet is another device whose users will feel the sting, with it’s $850 price tag wil have to remain on Windows 7 Professional because it’s running the Clover Trail N2600 processor and 3600 GMA.

“Cedar Trail won’t support Windows 8 because of the architecture of the CPU,” Paul Moore, VP of product management for Fujitsu America, told InformationWeek, in an interview.

There are countless device that won’t be seeing the Metro UI: HP Mini 210 HD, Toshiba WT200, and the Lenovo IdeaPad S110.

Sad day for Netbooks, I can’t help but shed a tear, I think we’re going to have to hold a Netbook funeral. *sob


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  • KJ

    Does the atom chipset you refer to support DX9? There is a particular dx9 version required for win8 (i.e. Metro). I notice the AMD chips aren’t having issues (Acer w500 and msi WINPAD 110w). Clover trail is the only chipset supporting connected standby but the dx9 support is marginal also. Even though AND Hondo doesn’t support connected standby, at least dx11 feature. Fujitsu q572 us looking like a good buy unless it comes at a premium price. Or an Intel core series tablet. Let’s hope Acer w700 is readily available

    • Nicole

      Yes it support Dx9, it’s a huge screw up from Intel

  • Ironically

    Sounds quite funny, when you mention, that my 4 Year old MSI Wind U100 / Medion Akoya 1210 Netbook with just 1GB RAM and a Atom N270 (1.6Ghz SingleCore with HyperThreading) works quite acceptable with Windows 8.

    (Even though i needed to activate downscaling due to the low screen resolution of just 1024px x 600px (Win 8 needs 768px height).)

    • Nicole

      Seems to only be Cedar Trail Netoooks…which is just bizarre!!

  • Ralf

    I’m running Windows 8 on a Samsung NC10 with Intel Atom N270. Ok, faked a higher screen resolution to get live tiles to work. To manage this i installed original VGA Windows 7 drivers from Samsung download page. It works with build in Windows 8 vga drivers as well as with “old” Windows 7 vga drivers.

    • Nicole

      Yeah, there seems to be work arounds for Pine Trail, Cedar Trail seems to be pooched though! I would love to find a work around for those poor folks who just chunked down! Post if you see one! :)

  • Chuck Daly

    I installed the Release Preview on an old Laptop (Gateway MT3423) and the Nvidia video drivers won’t install, so I am stuck with 1024×768 resolution. This might look fine on a Netbook, but not on a 14.1″ screen.