Microsoft is rather disappointed by the initial sales of their Windows 8 devices. Microsoft naturally blames only the manufacturers and not themselves. The folks at Redmond claim that the fault lies with other manufacturers’ inability to provide a wide range of interesting devices in time for the Christmas shopping rush.

Windows 8 Sales Fail to Meet Microsoft’s Expectations: “Manufacturers Are Inept”

A specialist in all matters Microsoft, Paul Thurrott claims to have learned from a very reliable source, that so far the sales of Windows 8 PC’s and tablets has been extremely disappointing to Microsoft. The source referred to the manufacturers’ “inability to deliver”, which probably means that they were not in the position they had hoped for upon the release of Windows 8 three weeks ago. Not enough devices, not enough options design wise and simply not enough optimization of the special features in Windows 8.

Indeed one of the biggest problems is that there aren’t that many new devices with touchscreens and Windows 8 onboard. It simply doesn’t make sense. There are currently less than 15 different models of Windows 8 devices with touchscreens. All-in-One touchscreen devices are even rarer. Those who dare search for a tablet running Windows 8 will be sorely disappointed.

In addition, the previously announced Touch Computer with Windows 8 will in all likelihood not arrive until just before Christmas. Perhaps good news for procrastinators, but hardly the best time to begin sales. It is “inability to deliver” in the truest sense possible.

Source: Winsupersite


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  • Guest008

    And what about prices?

    Beside the X202 (Asus touchscreen laptop) but wich has a ridiculous 2 cells battery and the Acer W510 (W8 modern UI CloverTrail hybrid), all these devices are overpriced.

    Like the HP Envy x2: about $1000 for an Atom hybrid, seriously?

  • boone

    Yeah win8 has a lot of issues against it.

    1. Expensive hardware. A $400 laptop is good enough for most people and most of these fancy win8 tablet options are double that. I know it is not an apples to oranges comparison, but shoppers are watching their wallet.

    2. Win8 itself is a non starter for most. Win7 is great and familiar, while win8 with “metro” is very different and intimidating. Especially since you need a pricey touchscreen pc to fully appreciate it.

    3. Win8 is late to the party. TABLET customers are accustomed to mobile OS’s such as IOS and Android, not a touch optimized start screen on a desktop OS.
    On the laptop side, people who want a laptop do not necessarily want touch.
    You do not yet have consumers craving convertible devices.

  • dmills

    They’ve introduced a radical change to a nigh ubiquitous interface and they’re shocked that sales are less stellar? As far as design options are concerned they’ve got touch screen laptop/ultrabooks with windows 8, tablets with windows 8, convertibles with wins 8, phones with windows 8 mohere, desktops etc. They even have their own Surface device for goodness sakes. No Android or Ios device can boast that kind of diversity, so I’m not sure what Microsoft is looking for here.

  • Jay

    Yes hardware manufacturers are inept look at yourselves for ineptitude. Your late, and you backed the wrong horse. Most people aren’t going to buy new hardware just for Microsoft Windows 8 most people already have a good tablet. Why would I pay all this money for a tablet with a locked boot loader I buy hardware that allows me the freedom to do what I want with it. I hope the Surface tablet go on firesale and someone unlocks the boot loader so I can run Android or linux.