Love Japanese Cusine? Have a Windows 8 tablet? We’ve got a few apps that we take a closer look at to see if the worth the money.

Windows 8 Japanese Cooking Apps Reviewed & Unagi Pie Factory Tour

If you’re crazy for Japanese cusine we’ve got a behind the scenes tour of a Unagi Pie or Fresh Water Eel Cookie that you’re going to love. It’s in Hamamastu City Japan which is in Central Japan a stones throw away from Mt Fuji.

Here are the 2 apps that we take a closer look at:

Ippin – Introducing modern Japanese dishes to the world is $3.49 and it’s gorgeous, if you’re after a really good Japanese cookbook for your tablet, this would be the one.

If you’re after a video app showing you how to make Japanese food, Japanese Recipes is extensive and it’s free!

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  • Edward Szklar

    How’s the no charge for three days challenge holding up?