Wibtek Q7 hands-on: a tiny modular PC with a projector

Computex seems to be the year of small PC devices, but so far this is among the most unique we have seen. It’s made by Chinese manufacturer Wibtek and is called the Q7.

At first glance it looks like some kind of cubical computer, but it’s actually a very special device. For starters, it happens to be some sort of modular computer. All you need to do is stack your components together at will.

For example, you can have the PC module, the DVD/Bluray module and other options that will become available in due time. Pretty awesome, right? But here’s the best part – you don’t even need to have a monitor if you get the right module. You can get a module that comes with a projector that shows the image at a 1024×768 resolution.


The device is configurable to your own needs, but it does come with options for both Braswell and Haswell processors. RAM memory can go up to 8 GB, but you will be limited to Intel HD Graphics in terms of the GPU.

Pretty awesome, right? And it even comes with a battery that allows you to use your computer for up to 4 hours. That is more than enough to watch a good movie or direct a long presentation.

There’s still no details on price or availability, but we will keep an open eye on Wibtek to see when we can get our very own Q7 modular computer.