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Take a walk with us through the Computex 2015 show floor

I have always said huge tech conventions feel a bit like those hazy party nights that blur out into small memories of significant events, with no recollection of what happened in between. Computex is certainly not the exception.

One moment you are looking at the latest tech gadgets, the next you are taking a picture with a booth babe, all of a sudden you are winning an iPod at a raffle, then you are having a drink with your favorite company’s CEO, and then you find yourself playing with a $10,000 gaming machine. And you never quite know how you got from one situation to the next.

I believe it’s something any geek should experience at some point in their lives, but we also know it’s not easy to get in these events without being part of the industry. This is why we decided to give you a small tour of one of the halls at Computex 2015.

Keep in mind this is only one hall (a small one, at that), and you are only seeing about a 10th of it. This event is massive! We take a look at a few manufacturers, booth babes and cosplayers. What else could you ask for? Join us and get a small taste of what Computex really is.