If Android and iOS mated MIUI would be the result.  Developer Paul Laino has help create this fantastic ROM for the Galaxy Nexus (Toro).  MIUI is a beautiful ROM that takes the best of Apple’s iOS and the best of Android to have the ultimate user experience.  The UI is highly polished with beautiful animations and gorgeous UI elements.

Vicious MIUI Jelly Bean ROM on Galaxy Nexus Hands On

The attention to detail on this ROM is phenomenal, just take a look at some of the pictures below.  Even something as simple as the included timer, you can easily use your finger to move the dial and the movement is fluid throughout.  When you load the music player you even get the lyrics of the song your playing, pretty cool!

If you want to see more of the UI make sure you check out the video below I’ve included the link to the source, if you own a Galaxy Nexus I highly recommend you flash this ROM.

Source: http://goo.gl/AP38j

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