Intel has always been very careful and specific with its ultrabook guidelines. There isn’t much lee-way and the standards are high. Intel has just set the bar even higher. Now the coveted designation of Ultrabook in the 4th generation will only be bestowed upon devices with touchscreens and Intel wireless displays.

New Ultrabook Guidelines From Intel & New CPU’s

Ultrabooks also have to slim down “from inches to millimeters” as Intel said. The Haswell CPU was designed with the 4th generation of Intel ultrabooks in mind. Intel has a very specific vision for ultrabooks which also includes long, all-day battery life. The low power Haswell works toward this vision.

Check out video here:

Intel also introduced the new Intel Atom Processor aimed at the value segment of the smartphone market. For more info, check out our video from the press conference:

Intel also showed off a new Intel Atom Processor geared towards tablets. A wide range of Intel-basted tablets running Windows 8 are now available. The first 22nm quad-core Atom SoC for tablets expected to more than double the computing performance of the Atom Processor Z2760 platform; available Holiday 2013. See the video for more:



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