The browser is huge part of the tablet experience, we decide to but the native browsers on Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android and Microsoft’s Windows 8 to the test. We benchmark and look at a bunch of different features on Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer 10.

Ultimate Tablet Browser Battle: Windows 8 IE10 Vs. Android & Chrome Vs. iOS & Safari

There are a lot of great browsers out there, the first thing that I thought when doing this comparison is what about Dolphin HD and Firefox? But what I’m taking a look at today is the native browser for each operating system. Theoretically each should have an advantage being built for the ground up for the operating system. I don’t focus too much on speeds and times but more on the interface and features of each browser.

There are benchmarks at the end but of course the hardware comes into play when looking at benchmarks. The Nexus 10 and iPad 4 are in the same class, the Intel Atom Z2760 isn’t. As I mention in the video, the benchmarks are actually inconclusive since there is no one browser that pulls ahead. It’s just an interesting exercise, I also go over what each benchmark measures so you can check out who won in each category.

I run Geekbench, Kraken, Sunspider, Octane, Robohornet and PeaceKeeper. I’m thinking of doing another one just for Android, what do you think? Would you be keen on a video featuring, Chrome, Dolphin, Opera and Firefox?

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  • Brent

    I was interested in the browsers, but more interested in your voice for 11 minutes, really a beautiful voice.