Blistered fingered code warriors battle on in week 4 of Intel’s Ultimate Coder Challenge- Going Perceptual, 6 teams are coding over 7 weeks to create next generation applications that leverage sensors and your camera. Before we get into it, if you want to learn more about the program you can head to Intel’s about the Ultimate Coder Challenge II: Going Perceptual. to learn about the dirty details. Basically what is going on is they’ve all been given Yoga 13′s, a Creative Interactive Gesture Camera Developer Kit, a link to download the Intel Perceptual Computing SDK 2013 Beta and a directive to amaze.

Ultimate Code Challenge: Going Perceptual – Week 4

Infrared5/Brass Monkey

Wing suits, flame throwers and cats oh my! Kiwi catapult post this week is action packed beyond belief!

Love the rear view mirror and the shout out to your Sixense. Giving the user the ability to judge their head movement will actually lead to better game play.

The move to a flame thrower is a good idea as well, I love that I can play along with your progress!

Code Monkey’s

Using gestures is one of the big questions about adding this layer of interaction with gaming, it’s a great idea but after hours…or 4 minutes…game play becomes tiresome.

Have you thought about reintroducing gaze tracking for some of the tasks? Not eye tracking, but maybe a bit of eye movement might be more your speed. I know it’s late in the race and you’re taking a KISS strategy but solid well executed controls are going to be key. Just wondering what your thoughts are on gaze tracking after this weeks 4 minute work out.

Simian Squared


This virtual pottery project grows more interesting by the week, the art work looks grand! I thought the apologies were totally un necessary, just bringing art to the table I think is totally enough! You hadn’t shown any before and it looks good. It’s a nice relaxing environment the use of light and inclusion of shadows is a great start. I’m looking forward to video next week, I’d also love to hear about how the hardware stands up to the big demands of your project.

Sixense Studio


The Pig looks great! Can’t wait to see what types of outfits they end up dawning.

Despite what sounds like a series of minor setbacks your teams seems extremely positive about their progress, and rightfully so.

What I found most interesting about your post was the video showing the “trade-off between power and usability.” I’ve often wondered about the computing power needed to execute the extremely ambitious projects all the teams have taken on. I’m really looking forward to next weeks post to see how your actually going to optimize gesture controls. The devil is in the details on this project, your artwork is on track now it’s a matter of making sure that it’s seamlessly responsive.

Peter O’Hanlon

Love that you’re pairing down and defining what you’re going to get done for the end of the contest, your goals look realistic and I hope you don’t run into anymore hug edebugging issues between now and the end of the contest. A harsh reality that I always hate hearing about.

One thing that I did want to chim in on is the file structure that you’re planning, you’re keeping the original image and working off of newer edits as long as the user doesn’t change location of the file. Hashing is a great idea, but the one thing that I hope you avoid, and my biggest pet peeve when it comes to photo editing programs like this is placing the edited photo in the same location as the one you’re working off of. I huge massive of photos that are all similar make me crazy and looks really messy. I’ve never understood why so many programs insist on doing it this way.


I have to admit that I was dubious that a teleconferencing program could be written in just few weeks, but here you have it, up running and looking very next generation!

How you made the representation was a fascinating read and the different VOIP programs that you had to run through was also interesting, I would have figure that LinPhone would have worked, I know that’s being used in a mobile VOIP apps.


I love that the UI is being designed in 3D everything about this is a perfect, changing perspectives with in the framwork is ideal for the environment. Looks like you had a code heavy week, like you’re use of short cuts to get around errors.

I’m looking forward to next week where we’ll get to see it in action. Since your application is a framework your final post is going to have to be very clear about what it’s capable of. Not just an app showing off some of it’s aspects, if they app can leverage everything great, but from reading today’s post I get the feeling that there is going to be a lot more going on.

Full disclosure – We are being compensated for content related to the Ultimate Coder and to attend an Intel event. We have committed to posting at least once per week on this subject and judging the final applications. All posts are 100% written and edited by Mobile Geeks

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