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Top Travel Planning Apps for Windows Phone

It doesn’t cost anything to dream of taking a trip but it will cost you if you overpay for plane tickets and hotel rooms. If you’ve got a Windows Phone there are some pretty great options, we’re going to show you our favorites.

Kayak and Orbitz are popular travel booking sites for hotels, flights and car rentals. What’s useful in both is hotel search actually provides you with a compass which is always nice if you’re travelling without a plan. Orbitz isn’t as well designed and lacks the ability to let you book a car, but it’s a handy app to have installed if you used the online version and just want your reservation information quickly on hand.

MSN Travel is Microsoft’s contribution, you can book flights, hotel and it’s a nice all around app with easy navigation to check your planned travel or read travel related articles.  The destination page is fun to play around with even if you’re not travelling since it shows you attractions, photos and provides the Frommer’s summary.

Tripadvisor has been a long standing favorite of ours and it is set apart from the rest with restaurant recommendations. Though we have to warn you, since it’s a popular app in the West the top picks can be stacked towards foreigners.  Case and point, in Hualien the number 1 restaurant is Mexican, it was delicious, but not exactly what you expect.

The last app is a must if you really are looking for the cheapest flight, especially if you’re traveling in Asia. Skyscanner will mix and match Airlines in a more aggressive way than other sites.  It will find you the cheapest combination of sites and airlines for you to use to do your booking.

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