Need help getting more stuff done? Wish your day had 48 hours? Have you tried making a to do list, but always loose the paper? Well have no fear, we’ve got a list of pretty slick apps that can help you keep on the path to productivity.

Top 5 To-Do List Apps

These apps will help remind you in time so that you can get more done and keep on top of that list of ever mounting chores. We’ve picked apps that are compatible on either iOS or Android.


Astrid is not just a to-do list – Astrid is a personal assistant on your Smartphone. The app is not only feature rich it is also quite easy to use. You can make lists as well asorganize tasks and events. You can set your priority list and the frequency you need to be reminded to get it done. It can be shopping lists, appointments or to-dos lists you’ll be able to list a specific time frame to get it done or reschedule if need be.

The application is free, but they make money through useful add ons such as voice control and widgets. Here is a link to both the Android and iOS application. If that wasn’t enough, you can log in to you via Facebook or Google to your tasks on the web to keep in sync.

Remember the Milk:

Remember the Milk sounds like its a shopping list app, but it is so much more. There is a handy feature that lets you manage your to dos on the web or on your mobile phone. You can create tasks that have to be completed within a specific time period. You can link Remember the Milk with Twitter, Google calendar, email and even Google Maps. The basic version is free and of course there is a Pro version  where you must pay a subscription to synchronise among multiple devices more than once a day. It is available on Android and iOS and BlackBerry.

Any.DO is a available on Android, iOS and it even has a Chome extension.  It is one of the better looking interfaces you’ll find on a task manager.  You can view tasks by date — today, tomorrow, this week and later — or you can view them by folders, which are of course customizable. Task entry works through keyboard input or by voice; both methods work well.

To quickly add a task, you simply drag your task list down and Any.DO is ready to accept it. Tasks are easily dragged to different days, folders or can moved around in order. A quick task tap offers several options: priority, folder, reminder, notes and share.


Toodledo is a powerful task and note manager, it will organize your to-do list and notes, and make you more productive. It has an online component as well and is extremely customizable it is, however, that customization means that it isn’t as easy to pick up, out of the box.  You can set up, in essence, arguments in your search, using “and/or” parameters which can get complicated but is an extremely powerful option if you are truly integrating it with your notes and work flow.

The iOS app available for 2.69 Euro but it is also has Blackberry and Android options, for more information check out


Wunderlist has the most platform options, it started out on iOS then made it’s way to Android, Blackberry and even Ubuntu, there is of course an online component for those on Windows. It provides the capability to create multiple To- Do lists, add notes on tasks, schedule tasks, add email reminders, favorite tasks, and more – you can be sure you will get your stuff done.

Wunderlist’s interface is intuitive and finding your way around is simple.  There are no hidden options you would need a manual to find.  Here is a link if you’re looking to download it and check it out.


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  • Pierpaolo

    Pocket informant is one the best too.

  • Dan

    For implementing GTD you can use this application:

    You can use it to manage your goals, projects and tasks, set next actions and contexts, use checklists, and a calendar.
    Syncs with Evernote and Google Calendar, and also comes with mobile version, and Android and iPhone apps.